Rotel RSP-1580

This surround preamp/processor from Rotel is so new, it isn't even in the company's CEDIA press kit. Shown here in a rack below a Rotel tuner, the RSP-1580 sports a large LCD display and incorporates dual audio DSP chips with a combined processing speed of 3000 MIPS as well as the latest Genesis video processor that uses 12 bits per color. It can decode all the current audio formats, and a front-panel USB port lets you connect an iPod. Perhaps most interesting is its integrated HDMI matrix switcher with four inputs and four outputs, allowing you to send the signal from any input to any output. The RSP-1580 will list for $4500 when it ships in January.
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Gurba's picture

I want the RSP-1580!!! It would be the perfect match with my RMB-1575. :D

Langner's picture

Rotel Rsp 1580

Kevin's picture

When when when, I want it, I want it!!!! I have no preamp as mine was fried by lightning. I cannot be without music for much longer. I hope there Jan uary target date is accurate.

Kevin's picture

oops their

marcello's picture

ma quando verrà messo in vendita?

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