If money really is no object and you want a true digital-cinema projector in your home theater, this is the only game in town. The CAT MBX 4 is a 3-chip DLP with a resolution of 2048x1080, the same as you see in digital cinemas. It also provides D-Link decryption in order to display DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) files. Other standard features include 3-kilowatt xenon lamp, dual power supply, custom lenses, anamorphic lens with sled, custom irises, and a plenum enclosure with a cooling system that keeps the internal temperature within 3 degrees of the target at all times. The projector is fed by an outboard processor via two dual-link DVI connections, each of which provides a higher bit rate than standard DVI. If you have to ask how much, you can't afford it, but I'll tell you anyway—$208,000 with the standard processor (10-bit processing, 12-bit output) and an extra $32,000 for the 12-bit processor. Heck, why not buy two for 3D?
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You didn't get a chance to see Cinermax' SUPERKONTRAST? His modded Barco projector. Apparently it had the best picture in show combined with an SMX Cineweave 12' wide screen. I kind of find it strange that you guys(being "ultimate av") haven't looked at what is arguably the best projector in the world. I know I've mentioned it here before in another comment.

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David, I'm afraid I don't recall seeing such a comment elsewhere on UAV. Unfortunately, I had no knowledge of this projector, and I didn't stumble across it at the show. Had I known about it, I certainly would have sought it out. Sounds like a great candidate for Ultimate Gear, so thanks for the suggestion.

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It's ok Scott. The best thing to do is google CINERMAX and email Peter Montelieux(I think that's how you spell his name). I'm positive it'll be one of the best things you get a chance to demo. He has installed these modded Barco units for different celebrities, including some on the Bel Air Circuit. I'm 99.9% sure I'll be picking up the DP-1200, and I think it's important that readers of UAV know about these amazing projectors. Thanks for the reply though. By the way, Barco is very hush on pricing. Hopefully they'll let you publish the price, although I doubt they will.

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I've contacted Peter, more info on the way. BTW, his company is spelled Cineramax, pronounced cin-e-RAM-ax, like Cinerama with an "x" on the end. Also, Peter's last name is spelled Montoulieu.

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