Samsung UN55B8500

The B8500 series is Samsung's latest LED-backlit, local-dimming LCD, available in 46- and 55-inch screen sizes. What distinguishes this line is its depth—only 1.6 inches, far thinner than most LED-backlit sets. The 46-incher will list for $3700, while the 55 carries a price tag of $4600.
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fvbounty's picture

How did you like this set, I know a few people that where at Cedia, and they all loved it (2 of them are hard core plasma guys)?

Scott Wilkinson's picture

I thought it looked quite good on cursory inspection, though I never make definitive comments until I have a display in my own environment. I expect we'll get one in for review as soon as they are available.

fvbounty's picture

I have had the 55" 8500 for about a week now and I'm loving it, can't wait till you get one in for a review, I think you'll be impressed, I sure am....

Ken Merrill's picture

Scott, I just purchased the UN55b8000 and am extremely pleased with the colors produced with the edge-lit LED's. Would you provide your thoughts on overall picture quality on the local dimming Leds used on the 8500 vs. the edge-lit on the 8000? Is the 8500 worth the extra cost as I want to purchase a second set. Thanks, Ken

Tim Kemperle's picture

Scott, Looking forward to your review of the listening to you on Leo's Tech Guy Podcast I know your main complaint of the UN55B8000 was the fact that the screen didn't show well on the "Starfields" due to the lack of local dimming. I am really interested in the performance of this set...I have been impressed with the Samsungs to this point and would like to get the LED set and want to know if this is worth the $1,500 premium. Thanks, Tim

lindseybp's picture

I have owned this set for almost two weeks now. It is spectacular and has performed flawlessly. I looked at the Sony XBR8 and the Samsung 8000 before deciding what to buy and this one bests both of those tv's easily in my opinion. 240 zones is just amazing. Deep, inky black levels. Overall I am amazed with this tv and get sucked into high quality content every time I turn it on. Very satisfied owner here and worth the premium to you can buy this set significantly below MSRP also so the difference between this and the 8000 is small enough to make it an easy decision in my mind.

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