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Is Modern 3D a Leap Forward or Merely Hype?

I'm not talking about those awful red-and-blue glasses or cheesy 3D movies from decades ago; I mean the current state of the art, including commercial cinema and 3D TVs and Blu-ray players (which can now be bought for as little as $120, less than a pair of active glasses!). Modern 3D is big news, but is it an important technological leap or merely hype to get consumers to spend more money?

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Is Modern 3D a Leap Forward or Merely Hype?
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David Vaughn's picture
I already have a 3D projector on order (JVC HD40), but I'm still on the fence about ordering 4 pairs of glasses and the emitter in order to do 3D. From an investment standpoint, it's a waste of money right now because there isn't enough content that uses the technology and I'm not sure if the overall marketplace will accept it. Time will certainly tell.
alanleu's picture

3D movie is great but having to use a glasses is too much trouble for normal use.

grant937's picture

I agree with your comment plus I wear glasses already which I don't like.

gt350's picture

The people i sell too are just now getting into blu ray, 3D with the extra cost is so not important.

DTKempII's picture

I heard Scott and Leo talking about this on a recent podcast. My opinion is that 3D is both Hype and Leap. The only thing that makes it a leap forward is that you don't have to go to the theater to wear those ugly glasses in order to watch so-so quality 3D video stunts. That is enough to make people spend more money...but I see this as a passing least this version of 3D. It is the hype that keeps it alive. Inevitably, it seems, people want to live in a virtual world with the characters of a given movie/show.

Imagine what the hype will be like when somebody figures out how to break out of this mold and display 3D holographically! Next, we can program games, etc., to allow us to interact and walk amongst the characters...think Star Trek Holodeck!

uavtheo's picture

Well, don't know how many of you were fans of the Jetsons growing up but in one episode George is watching the Miss Cosmos or Miss Galaxy pageant and he presses a button to make it "3D". So his "flat panel" TV is able to project the image of the Miss whoever into the room.

I find it funny about predictions, etc. mentioned above but that one always stuck out at me and may be more prophetic in the future than we may know :-)

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Ah, it's a sci-fi miniseries from 1993, set in 2007. I wonder how I missed it? Good cast! It was released on DVD in 2005; I'll have to see if I can get it. I love seeing predictions about today from long ago and how accurate (or not) they are.
Dan Dagen's picture

The glasses still are a big problem. Not only do you have to spend extra money on each pair but you have to keep up with them. Heaven forbid a pair gets broken. Just not seeing it.

karlwickman's picture

The 3D experience has been around for decades. It gets people excited for awhile, then dies out only to resurface years later. The reason? Imagine having to watch EVERYTHING in 3D, every day. You will eventually experience headaches, nausea and/or dizziness...

markroth's picture

They seem to have predicted many things in Wild Palms that have been a leap of faith of the (now past) future! 3d is just one of the prophecies.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
I've not heard of Wild Palms; what is that?
Jarod's picture

I say total leap. Who doesn't want a picture with more dimension? Thats one of the key aspects of a great set, to me anyway. I'm not saying that every movie must be redone in 3D. The complete opposite to me. I just think that it earns its right as another format. It does suck to wear glasses. But after seeing Avatar 3D in Dolby 3D and in RealD 3DXL, I can't help but get excited about 3D! Then after demoing 3D on a Panasonic 50VT25 I knew that 3D will work at home. I hope everyone will at least give 3D a chance. When its done right its a blast.

TaiTsing's picture

Just wait until peeps get migraines and start passing out. The lawsuits will drive this tech back into the wood work.

fosterctan's picture

Just beneath The Creature from Black Lagoon lies a weathered chest, the light from above filtering down

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