Arcam Goes HDMI

The AVR600 ($5000, bottom) is the first HDMI receiver from British manufacturer Arcam and therefore the company's first model to support lossless surround. It's HDMI 1.3, of course -- otherwise why bother? -- with five ins and two outs. The seven times 120 watt amp is Class G, which combines Class AB power output with a linear tracking power supply that ensures peaks are well-supplied with juice. Though Arcam had previously used Class G in HTiB products, this is the first implementation in an a/v receiver. Shipping in February. The company also showed a prototype of a forthcoming Blu-ray Profile 2.0 player (top) – Tom has the details below.
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M. Garrison's picture

What sort of video processor does the AVR600 use?Upconversion to 1080p24? Im sure it sounds great because its from Arcam and its not cheap. A full review of this product would be greatly appreciated in the magazine ASAP. Thank you.

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