A TAD Small

TAD has a new Compact Monitor under development, and while it's still a year or so away from commercial availability, it was on demo at this year's CES. Driven by prototypes of new TAD class A monoblock amplifiers (150Wpc into 8 ohms, 600WPC into 2 ohms), it sounded sensational, with the apparent ability to convincingly replicate the weight and power of a full symphony orchestra, an ability that escapes most loudspeakers.

I can't say it was the best sound at CES; I didn't hear all the candidates, and the program material was limited to the Reference Recordings version of Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man." But it was the best sound I heard at the show. There will also be a matching center channel.

Price? Well, since the big TAD Monitor goes for $60,000/pair, designer Andrew Jones, shown here with his baby, would only commit to between $1 and $60,000. Actually I think he said between zero and $60,000, but if they decide to give these babies away for free, sign me up!

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Louis Leibovich's picture

These speakers were so good I almost fell out of the chair when I heard them. Never have I heard a monitor that was as dynamic or full range (if I were blind, I would have sworn that these speakers were floorstanders, big ones too). The bottom end extension and weight was truly unbelievable (these babies really moved some air). Their tonality was spot on! Big and rich bodied with a gloriusly textured, colorful midrange, and a beautifully extended top end. These speakers were detailed, with no etch and really dissappeared in their soundstage. I spoke with Andrew at some length about these speakers, telling him how I was going to bug the hell out of him after the show, until he would let me know the price (he also told me between $0 - $60,000), thinking that I may be able to own a pair of these one day soon. Believe me, if they are anywhere near my price range, I'm buying a pair....asap!!!! This is what speaker design is all about. ps. The amps were killer as well.

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