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Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Feb 05, 2007 0 comments
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The original Clerks, released in 1994, was the seminal work for people of my generation. That should be as disturbing as it sounds. I doubt there was a film school in the country that didn’t spew out Kevin Smith wannabes at a tremendous rate for the better part of a decade. All of them, and every other fan of that film, surely got a twang of disappointment when they heard about Clerks II. Had the great bearded auteur finally sold out? Well, amazingly enough, he pulls it off. Where Clerks was about a bunch of losers wanting to do something with their lives, Clerks II takes place 11 years later and finds the same losers now disappointed that they really haven’t done anything with their lives. It actually works, it’s funny, and it’s a story worth telling.
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Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Feb 05, 2007 0 comments
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Unashamedly, this is my favorite movie of all time. From the dialogue, to the acting, to the story, everything about this movie is awesome. If you never have, you owe it to yourself to see it. The story centers around hardened bar owner Rick, a lost love, and sticking it to some Nazis, which always make for good entertainment. As usual with a superior movie like this one, it’s about all that and more.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Feb 01, 2007 3 comments
We’ve had a lot of issues recently with posting comments on the blogs (mostly from spammers). Here are a few tips to help make posting easier.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Jan 26, 2007 0 comments
The future is coming, and it didn't call first.

In a grand-scale, universal sort of way, January 1st means nothing. We ugly bags of mostly water view the start of each year as a new beginning. To some, it's in a Neil Finn "I'm not the old girl, I'm someone new" kind of way. To others, it's the first day of many where we promise we'll start that diet tomorrow. To most people, it's a day to nurse hangovers and the start of a month-long repetition of curses as we keep writing 2006 on checks. Let's concentrate on somewhere between the extremes and look at new technology that's coming...someday.

Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Jan 26, 2007 0 comments
Reference unleashed. . .almost.

A little less than a year ago, a predecessor to this TV competed in one of our Face Offs with five other RPTVs. It didn't do well. Despite the fact that it posted some of the best measurements of the group (including the most accurate color points and the best contrast ratio), it came in fourth place out of six sets. The reason was a video processing "enhancement" called DNIe, which two-thirds of the reviewers flat-out hated. It couldn't be disabled. Just the fact that the same processing on this HL-S5679W is defeatable would make it worth a review. (In fact, you can't enable DNIe at all in some modes.) As it turns out, this isn't even the most interesting feature on this RPTV—not by a long shot.

Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Jan 19, 2007 49 comments
In the February issue, the Samsung HL-S6188W was derided, and rightly so, for it’s staggering light output of almost 170 ft-Lamberts. For a 61-inch display, this is way to bright to watch in a dark room. It’s the kind of light output that hurts, literally.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Jan 17, 2007 2 comments
In case you missed it, check out our CES coverage here. I took some pictures at the show that didn’t fit in the show blog. You can find those here.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Jan 17, 2007 5 comments
As if the following coverage wasn't enough, here's some more pics of CES that kinda sorta don't fit here, so they're here.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Jan 17, 2007 28 comments
JVC showed off a new LCD panel that uses LEDs as it’s backlight source. With no model number, price, or potential availability, it isn’t much of a story. What is, is the prototype 2.35:1 aspect ratio RPTV they were showing in the back. They wouldn’t let us take pictures, though, so you’ll just have to imagine it. Hate those black bars on the top and bottom when you’re watching movies? This is your answer, a rear-projection TV with a really widescreen aspect ratio. I hope they make it as I imagine a lot of people would love to get one despite the fact that if you watch anything with less than 2.35:1 aspect ratio, you’ll have bars on the sides. Oh well.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Jan 09, 2007 4 comments
While the idea of data storage may not seem that exciting, this product actually is. At its simplest, the HP MediaSmart Server is storage and data backup. But from there it gets more interesting. It can backup all the computers in your home (to a max storage space of 8 terabytes). Still not interested? You can give the Sever it’s own IP address so you can access any of your content from anywhere in the world. You, your kids, grandma, anyone you want to give access to can log onto the server and see what content you want them too. Share full rez pics of your vacation with your friends, have your friends share their pictures with you. It is very cool.


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