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Posted: Nov 03, 2002 0 comments

Thomas J. Norton runs the <A HREF="">Snell XA 2900 surround speaker system</A> through its paces, and is reminded why he's always liked the company's products. "The best way to describe the overall sound of <I>Farscape</I> on the Snells is awesome," declares TJN.

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Posted: Mar 09, 2003 0 comments

From the February issue, Steven Stone installs the $3300 <A HREF="">Plus Piano Avanti HE-3200 DLP projector</A> into his HT system, prompting him to comment that "for such a tiny projector, the new HE-3200 has an absurdly long name . . . and maybe even a better picture than the HE-3100."

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Posted: Jul 21, 2002 0 comments

Fred Manteghian journeys to the BAT cave for his review of the <A HREF="">Balanced Audio Technology VK-6200 multichannel power amplifier</A>. Manteghian notes that "this museum-quality piece of modern art was forced to sit on the floor during its stay here&mdash;but if you end up buying one, it deserves a seat of honor somewhere in your room."

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Posted: Nov 24, 2002 0 comments

Fred Manteghian does some heavy lifting to install the 120-pound <A HREF="">Ayre V-6 multichannel power amplifier</A> in his home theater system. But the sound is what counts, and FM reports that the V-6 is a breath of fresh Ayre.

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Posted: Sep 29, 2002 0 comments

In his review of the <A HREF="">Sony Grand Wega KF-60DX100 rear-projection TV</A>, Tom Norton points out that "while the plasma and DLP technologies have been generating much of the latest buzz, the less glamorous LCD remains a serious contender." TJN reveals just how serious in his report.

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Posted: Oct 06, 2002 0 comments

For loudspeaker buffs, we've added Wes Phillips' review of the <A HREF="">M&K S-150 THX surround loudspeaker system</A> and Tom Norton's reviews of the <A HREF="">Revel Home Theater</A>, <A HREF="">Vandersteen Audio Music-and-Cinema loudspeaker system</A>, and <A HREF="">Pioneer Elite Reference loudspeaker system</A>.

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Posted: Dec 08, 2003 0 comments

Steven Stone takes on not one, not two, but three video processors: the <A HREF="/accessories/1003DVDO">DVDO iScan Ultra, DreamVision Optimizer, and Focus Enhancements CenterStage CS-1</A>. After several hours of screen time, SS finds that only one of the trio deserves your hard-earned cash and explains why.

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Posted: Sep 08, 2002 0 comments

The world is full of millions of DVDs, so <I>SGHT</I>'s editors have sorted through the piles and come up with <A HREF="">2001: A DVD Odyssey</A>. Over 80 DVD reviews in one place, with ratings for sound, picture, and content.

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Posted: Mar 29, 2004 0 comments

Michael Fremer looks for sound value as he reviews the <A HREF="/speakersystems/104alon">Al&#243;n by Acarian Napoleon surround speaker system</A>. Can an audiophile speaker designer put it all together in a single six-piece package for under $3k? MF sets them up and files his report.

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Posted: Feb 16, 2004 0 comments

You've got great components, but how to make them easy for everyone to use? Scott Wilkinson examines the <A HREF="/accessories/1203remote">Universal Remote Control Home Theater Master MX-800</A> and finds that it has one feature that may make it better than anything else in its price range.


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