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Posted: Feb 16, 2003 0 comments

From the January issue, Michael Fremer plugs the <A HREF="">Musical Fidelity M250 monoblock power amplifier</A> in and puts it through the home theater paces. As Mikey notes, "The idea was to produce a 'non-temperamental, bomb-proof' amplifier capable of high power and high end sound quality."

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Posted: May 11, 2003 0 comments

Joel Brinkley dials in the <A HREF="">Sony SAT-HD200 and Zenith HD-SAT520 DirecTV/digital television receivers</A> finding that, although he still hasn't found the perfect DTV box, these two nearly identical units get close.

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Posted: Jul 21, 2002 0 comments

Fred Manteghian journeys to the BAT cave for his review of the <A HREF="">Balanced Audio Technology VK-6200 multichannel power amplifier</A>. Manteghian notes that "this museum-quality piece of modern art was forced to sit on the floor during its stay here&mdash;but if you end up buying one, it deserves a seat of honor somewhere in your room."

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Posted: Jul 28, 2002 0 comments

In his review of the <A HREF="">Wharfedale Pacific Surround Speaker System</A>, John J. Gannon writes that, although Wharfedale is not a well-known company in the US, "By introducing cutting-edge designs at affordable prices, they're now obviously aiming to change that." Gannon listens carefully to determine how well they've succeeded.

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Posted: Dec 08, 2002 0 comments

Fred Manteghian wires the <A HREF="">Krell DVD Standard DVD player</A> into his HT system, describing it as the first high-end player he's used with the latest Faroudja Laboratories chipset. Is it worth the $8k price tag? FM broadcasts all.

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Posted: Jul 06, 2003 0 comments

From the June issue, Joel Brinkley fires up the <A HREF="">Toshiba 34HDX82 direct-view HDTV</A>. "At $2699, the Toshiba is among the more expensive 16x9, 34-inch direct-view TVs in the current crop," notes JB. And with a little tweaking, Brinkley says this expensive frog soon turns into a prince.

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Posted: Jan 19, 2003 0 comments

Steven Stone fires up the <A HREF="">SIM2 Grand Cinema HT300 DLP video projector</A> and explains why "DLP projectors are the future."

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Posted: Jan 19, 2004 0 comments

Robert Deutsch and Thomas J. Norton provide us with follow-ups on a pair of classic HT products with <A HREF="/videoprojectors/1103dlp">Take Two: Marantz VP-12S2 and SharpVision XV-Z10000U DLP projectors</A>. Two different reviewers and two different systems. Will they get the same results as noted in the original reviews?

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Posted: Dec 29, 2003 0 comments

Michael Fremer positions the complete $21,000 <A HREF="/speakersystems/1103ap">Audio Physic Virgo III surround speaker system</A> into place and then wonders whether "using speakers capable of exceptionally stunning imaging would make sense in a home theater."

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Posted: Feb 09, 2003 0 comments

Michael Fremer wires up the <A HREF="">Cambridge SoundWorks Newton Series T500 surround speaker system</A> and sits down to a full schedule of movies and music. MF reveals that the Cambridge engineers had their audio hearts in <I>most</I> of the right places.


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