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Posted: Apr 05, 2004 0 comments

Back in 1997, Scott Wilkinson put a two-part article together on color and vision as they pertain to video displays. Video display technology has changed radically since then, and so we've updated <A HREF="/features/204eye">An Eye for Color, Part 1</A> for 2004. Part 2 of this updated article is now available in the May 2004 issue of <I>Stereophile Guide to Home Theater</I>.

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Posted: Feb 09, 2004 0 comments

Omnipolar? Thomas Norton performs a careful analysis of the <A HREF="/speakersystems/1203mirage">Mirage Omni 250 surround speaker system</A> to get to the bottom of the company's revolutionary design that points a tweeter at your ceiling. "Attempts to produce the ideal omnidirectional speaker continue," notes Norton.

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Posted: May 11, 2003 0 comments

Joel Brinkley dials in the <A HREF="">Sony SAT-HD200 and Zenith HD-SAT520 DirecTV/digital television receivers</A> finding that, although he still hasn't found the perfect DTV box, these two nearly identical units get close.

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Posted: Feb 23, 2003 0 comments

From the January issue, Peter Putman lights up the <A HREF="">Epson America PowerLite TW100 LCD front projector</A> to see if real home theater projectors exist at under five grand. As Putman notes, "Epson's entrance into the home-theater projector arena has long been anticipated."

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Posted: Jan 26, 2004 0 comments

DLP done right? Joel Brinkley gets some quality time wth the <A HREF="/videoprojectors/1203runco">Runco Reflection CL-710 DLP projector</A> to find out just how close to the CRT ideal the technology has come. Thomas Norton adds his comments.

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Posted: Oct 13, 2003 0 comments

Pete Putman reveals that, at first, he paid the <A HREF="">Optoma H56 DLP front projector</A> little attention. And then he set one up for the 2003 Super Bowl, which lead to a complete review of the sub-$5k projector.

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Posted: Nov 03, 2003 0 comments

Thomas J. Norton takes a spin with the <A HREF="/videoprojectors/1003sharp">SharpVision XV-Z10000U DLP projector</A>, which features Texas Instrument's latest HD2 digital micromirror device. After seeing four HD2 projectors, TJN explains why the Sharp "just might have edged its way to the front of the pack."

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Posted: Feb 16, 2003 0 comments

From the January issue, Michael Fremer plugs the <A HREF="">Musical Fidelity M250 monoblock power amplifier</A> in and puts it through the home theater paces. As Mikey notes, "The idea was to produce a 'non-temperamental, bomb-proof' amplifier capable of high power and high end sound quality."

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Posted: Aug 18, 2002 0 comments

Michael Fremer meets up with the <A HREF="">Kenwood Sovereign VR-5900 audio/video receiver</A> and reports whether or not a curvaceous all-in-one receiver can float his home theater boat.

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Posted: Mar 15, 2004 0 comments

Still not ready for Plasma or LCD? Joel Brinkley plugs in the <A HREF="/directviewandptvtelevisions/104sony">Sony Wega KV-3XBR910 direct-view HDTV</A> to determine if one of most expensive 34" CRT HDTVs is worth the investment.


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