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Posted: Feb 23, 2004 0 comments

In a home theater world filled with knobs, buttons and flashing lights, Michael Fremer finds the <A HREF="/surroundsoundpreampprocessors/1203arcam">Arcam FMJ AV8 7-channel preamp-processor & FMJ P7 7-channel amplifier</A> "sleek, refreshingly simple, and clean looking." As to its performance, MF provides the complete rundown.

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Posted: Sep 22, 2002 0 comments

At this point, there is only one way to record HDTV and that is with a digital D-VHS VCR. Joel Brinkley casts a discerning eye towards the <A HREF="">Mitsubishi HS-HD2000U and JVC HM-DH30000U D-VHS VCRs</A> to see which one is best suited for the job.

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Posted: Jun 22, 2003 0 comments

From the June issue, Michael Fremer reviews the <A HREF="">Philips 34PW9818 HD-ready direct-view monitor</A> featuring the company's new "Pixel Plus" process. Can regular NTSC now look as good as HDTV? Fremer tells all.

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Posted: Feb 16, 2004 0 comments

You've got great components, but how to make them easy for everyone to use? Scott Wilkinson examines the <A HREF="/accessories/1203remote">Universal Remote Control Home Theater Master MX-800</A> and finds that it has one feature that may make it better than anything else in its price range.

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Posted: Dec 01, 2002 0 comments

"The next best thing to being there?" Thomas J. Norton tries to find words to describe the <A HREF="">Reference Imaging CinePro 9x Elite & Teranex HDX Cinema MX CRT video projector and video processor</A>. Why such an expensive product for <I>SGHT</I>? Because, as TJN notes, "these are the products against which all others can be measured."

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Posted: Jul 14, 2002 0 comments

When Tom Norton reviewed the <A HREF="">Toshiba 50H81 HD-ready 16:9 rear-projection television</A>'s 40-inch baby brother, he raved about the picture quality. In the May 2002 issue, Norton sets out to see if the 50-inch upgrade continues the Toshiba tradition.

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Posted: Jan 26, 2003 0 comments

Thomas J. Norton surveyed the field, talked with the reviewers, and carefully selected the best home theater equipment released over the last year in order to come up with the <A HREF="">2003 Editors Choice Awards</A>. As Norton notes, "The Platinum Award is for price-no-object performance. The Gold Award weighs both performance and cost."

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Posted: Apr 20, 2003 0 comments

In these days of DLP, is there room for any other projector technology? Thomas J. Norton sets out to find the answer as he reviews the <A HREF="">Sony VPL-VW12HT LCD video projector</A>. As TJN discovers, there may be life yet in the LCD, especially when combined with a FireHawk screen.

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Posted: Oct 27, 2002 0 comments

Michael Fremer sets up the <A HREF="">B&W CM Series surround speaker system</A> in his audio/video room and gives them a complete workout. MF comments, "What B&W chose to do with the CM Series is blend good looks, high build-quality, and typically rich 'British sound' into an affordable package."

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Posted: Jun 29, 2003 0 comments

From the June issue, Steven Stone reviews the competitively-priced HD2-chipped <A HREF="">InFocus Screenplay 7200 DLP projector</A>. Stone observes that the InFocus "lowers the price of an HD2 projector below $10,000." But does it deliver? "That's the $2000 question," says Stone.


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