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HT Staff Posted: Sep 06, 2004 0 comments
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HT Staff Posted: Mar 09, 2004 0 comments
If you've been waiting for the perfect unit to come along before replacing that obsolete DVD player you're currently using, look no further. Harman/Kardon's DVD 31 is a progressive-scan player that can chew up almost any alphabetic combination you can think up: DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, WMA, CD, MP3, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD-DA, CD-R/-RW, CD-ROM multisession, 24/96 audio discs, and videoCD. Pixel-by-pixel processing upconverts images to progressive-scan component video output. The player also features digital-video circuitry to reconstruct the 3:2-pulldown process, so you get the full 60-frame playback with progressive-scan image quality for your DVD-Video. A long list of connections rounds out the package: component video, S-video, composite video, coaxial and optical digital audio, and multichannel and stereo analog audio. One last surprise for you: All of this retails for just $349.
(800) 422-8027
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HT Staff Posted: Dec 12, 2003 0 comments
What could be better than a remote control that works up to 100 feet away? How about a remote that can send commands through walls and household structures and costs only $499? Universal Remote Control's Home Theater Master MX-800 does just that. Users can control all of their A/V equipment from one remote, regardless of where that equipment is located. The MX-800 sends commands to the included MRF-200 Base Station, which converts them to infrared signals to control the components. Using macros, you can program the MX-800 to operate up to 20 A/V units. It can create 900 macro buttons with 199 commands each. The LCD screen measures 1.4 by 2.1 inches and features text-editing capabilities.
Universal Remote Control
(914) 835-4484
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HT Staff Posted: Jan 11, 2005 0 comments
Meridian's modular, card-based 800 Version 4 disc player is an upgrade on the company's popular 800 player. It comes with Meridian's V100 video input card and VE12 HDMI/progressive component output card. The V100 provides two composite, two S-video, and one interlaced component video input. You also get the VE00 video encoder card, which generates NTSC and PAL in composite, S-video, and component formats. The 800 Version 4 is supported by Meridian's latest computer-based step-by-step MConfig configuration system. This standout design is available in a black-lacquer or a sleek silver finish and costs from $18,000 to $20,000, depending on configuration.
(404) 344-7111
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HT Staff Posted: Aug 16, 2004 0 comments
LG Electronics
LG's new plasma is available in three different sizes—42, 50, and 60 inches—to suit theaters of any size. The 50-inch DU-50PY10 is fully integrated, with ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuners and a built-in CableCARD slot. The television also features a 1,366 by 768p resolution and a rated 3,000:1 contrast ratio. The TV uses LG's proprietary XD Engine, which, according to the company, minimizes distortion, improves brightness, and enhances the overall picture quality. Inputs are plentiful, including HDMI, DVI with HDCP, RGB, and IEEE 1394. Pricing wasn't available at press time.
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HT Staff Posted: Jan 06, 2013 0 comments
Klipsch HD Theater 600 Speaker System
As long as you’re OK with its elegant high-gloss black finish, you shouldn’t have any problem integrating HD Theater 600 speakers into your room. Each satellite speaker is only 6 inches tall, and the center speaker is 9 inches wide. OK, the subwoofer with its 8-inch driver, 100-watt amp, and 30-hertz capability is pretty big, but it tucks away nicely in a corner. Wall brackets are included, or you can mount the satellites on optional floor stands.
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HT Staff Posted: Mar 06, 2003 0 comments
You can't get much more elegant than the clean combination of aluminum and glass, both of which OmniMount has incorporated into their Cosmic Series of A/V racks and TV stands. The Cosmic AT-5 tower shown here features five polished-glass shelves, each of which supports up to 50 pounds. The 63-inch-tall rack can house components up to 19.5 inches wide and 20.75 deep. The AT-5 comes with a cable-management system, as well as adjustable aluminum feet, a feature that anyone with uneven floors is sure to appreciate. The Cosmic Series also includes the VT-3 and VT-2 TV stands, which retail for $400 and $450, respectively. The AT-5 tower sells for $500.
(800) 668-6848
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HT Staff Posted: Sep 03, 2003 0 comments
College kids, listen up! Have you been trying to re-create your home theater's sound in the dorm room, only to realize that a "closet" measuring 15 feet wide by 20 deep isn't nearly enough room for all of the equipment you'll need? Denon's new D-M71DVXP DVD receiver system may be able to help you out. The system incorporates Dolby Virtual Speaker surround technology, which uses just two speakers to deliver a 5.1-channel surround sound experience. Features include an integrated DVD/receiver unit, two satellite speakers, and a subwoofer. To achieve quality sound and picture reproduction, the D-M71DVXP uses Analog Devices' Hammerhead SHARC 32-bit DSP audio processors. The two-way speakers each offer dual 2-inch midbass drivers and a 0.5-inch dome tweeter. A 100-watt subwoofer rounds out the audio component. The receiver has an aluminum faceplate; the subwoofer has a wood finish; and the satellite speakers are housed in aluminum with wood-finished end caps. The system retails for $999, and a two-channel version is also available for $699. Now you know what to ask for this holiday season.
(973) 396-0810
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HT Staff Posted: Jun 12, 2012 0 comments
A wireless HDMI kit can be helpful for getting the signal from a cable box or AVR situated in a cabinet, or just across the room, to your primary display or a second TV in another area. IOGear’s entry has two switchable HDMI inputs that pass up to 1080p and 3D video, along with 5.1 digital audio through walls or other solid objects. Range is said to be up to 100 feet in ideal conditions.
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HT Staff Posted: Oct 20, 2003 0 comments
ELAN's new VIA!2 wireless touchpanel is perfect for controlling wholehouse audio, home theater, security, temperature, lighting, drapes, and just about any other wireless solution you could ask for. (Now, if only it could load and unload the dishwasher...) It uses an 802.11b wireless transmission method and comes with both the VIA!2 server and docking station. The 7.8-inch LCD touchscreen and large, easy-to-read buttons and user screens make the VIA!2 both intuitive and user-friendly. Using ELAN's VIA!TOOLS Windows-based software, you can complete the setup process in hours using simple point-and-click methods. ELAN says that the VIA!2 will last for 670 hours in hibernate mode, 24 hours in standby mode, or 6 hours in operation mode. The $3,500 price tag also gets you the Server Station, which can turn the unit's commands into IR or RS-232 commands for controlling other home devices. Look for this handy device in the first quarter of 2004.
ELAN Home Systems
(859) 269-7760


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