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If you've ever felt the need to control your home theater from afar, fear not: SkipJam is here to hook you up. Their HomeView technology lets SkipJam iMedia users watch, monitor, and control their A/V systems from anywhere in the world. HomeView sends images and sound through the Internet using MPEG-4 compression, and you can send back control signals to your SkipJam home network. The SkipJam iMedia center, shown here, is priced at $799, and their iMedia player is $499. Once you've got your system hooked up as a SkipJam iMedia installation, you can download HomeView at no additional charge. Contact SkipJam for more info.
(914) 933-0590

Given all the care you've lavished on selecting the perfect components and designing an elegant space in which to enjoy them, you certainly aren't going to sit on just any chair, are you? We thought not. Cineak offers just what your home theater deserves: custom-designable seating. Cineak's designs, such as the Fortuny, pictured here, feature motorized reclining mechanisms, articulated headrests, hand-cut cushioning, and an amazing array of options, including heat and massage. You can configure your seats as a standalone chair, a love seat, or as a straight or curved row of several seats. The standalone unit starts at $3,880.
(866) 458-0529

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