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It's just not home theater without some kickin' bass, and that's what you get from Proficient's new subwoofers. The S10 model features a front-firing, 10-inch, paper-cone woofer and a 120-watt internal amplifier, as well as anticlipping circuitry, which is said to provide maximum output without audible distortion. Proficient's S8 model (shown here) is similar to the S10, but it houses an 8-inch woofer. Proficient says that the S8 features a driver, amplifier, and crossover network that are optimized for its smaller cabinet and that this more-petite sub has the gusto to provide enough bass output for most midsized home theater rooms. The S10 and S8 cost $450 and $350, respectively.
(909) 787-9940

Marantz can't bring you goodies from the kitchen, but their VC5200 five-disc DVD changer brings you one step closer to your goal of not getting off of the couch all day. The VC5200 features progressive-scan component video output, 3:2-pulldown detection, and advanced video processing. Marantz claims that, if you team up this player with a 480p-compatible display device, it will virtually eliminate scan lines. The VC5200 isn't just about video, though. It also has 24-bit/96-kilohertz digital-to-analog converters and 24/96 digital audio output, as well as built-in MP3 decoding. The VC5200 changer should satisfy your movie-watching and music-listening needs times five for $550.
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