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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Sep 04, 2008 0 comments
The Snell IC-LCR7custom earns its $1500 pricetag with a D'Appolito array, boundary switch, treble cut/boost, bass down to 70Hz -- and of course that snazzy hand-painted grille.
Mark Fleischmann Posted: Sep 05, 2008 2 comments
Yesterday's photo opportunity missed a big piece of Snell news: Legendary designer Joe D'Appolito is now on staff fulltime. It's already paying dividends with three new lines, all of which repurpose the same driver array for different applications. The Signature Elegant Series comes in good-looking veneered enclosures. The Signature Hidden Series comes in plain-vanilla MDF for use in cabinetry. And the Signature Invisible is, as you'd guess, for in-wall use and supplement other non-Signature in-wall and in-ceiling models. Some of the in-ceilings got an actual 5.1-channel movie demo to demonstrate that surround can live in your ceiling. Finally, who could resist another beauty shot, this time of the $50k Illusion floorstander, a seventh-generation reiteration of the history-making Snell A Reference. It's dual 10-inch, offers bass down to 27Hz, and threatens output of 112dB. The pretty amps are from fellow D&M stablemate Marantz.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Oct 02, 2015 14 comments
Over the past couple of years, I've raised the bar for new entries to my music library. I've been steadily giving up lossy audio. In other words, file formats like MP3 and iTunes-approved AAC are no longer welcome. It is time for my library to move to the next step. So long, lossy. Quoth the raven, nevermore.

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jan 19, 2006 0 comments
Steven Soderbergh's Bubble will soon become the first major movie to be simultaneously premiered in theaters and on satellite television. On January 27 the movie will be shown on HDNet while rolling out in theaters nationwide. The DVD release will follow on January 31. However the actual opening night was January 12, in Parkersville, West Virginia, where the tale of murder in a doll factory was shot with real-life people on high-definition video. Theater chains are crying foul, so it's uncertain if or when the movie will make it to your local cineplex.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Sep 11, 2009 0 comments
Without any perforations in its surface, how does the RockSolid rock speaker emit sound? Using its polyurethane composite surface, which serves as a driver, excited by underlying magnets. Finishes include sandstone, charcoal, red rock, and custom versions. Pricing will range from $500 for a single speaker to $900-1000 for a dual version.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Sep 09, 2011 0 comments
Phil Clements of Solus/Clements has been teaming up with Atlantic Technology to develop and market H-PAS, which uses four subenclosures to produce huge bass from small to midsized speakers, including Atlantic's new soundbar. At the Solus/Clements booth we got to hear the on-wall SX-40W ($799/each), also available in an in-wall version (SW-40IW, $599/each). It could and did do justice to the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony. It was not as forceful as the spine-rattling live performance we heard at the Munich Gasteig but the low notes of the organ were deep and true, an especially great feat considering they were driven by a Sherwood stereo receiver retailing for $300. The stand-mount 5.25B ($749/each) was slightly more of a good thing. Solus/Clements also offers H-PAS in tower, center, and LCR configurations.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jul 17, 2008 0 comments
The horrifying part of a survey by Parks Associates is not that two-thirds of consumers in the U.S. and Canada listen to music on their PCs. No, the horrifying part is that one-third are listening to music on their television sets. Cue soul-piercing scream from somewhere offstage.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Aug 04, 2010 0 comments
Not all directors are as enthusiastic about Hollywood's 3D push as James Cameron of Avatar fame. Some are against 3D while others are ambivalent about it.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jul 10, 2009 0 comments
Some DTV stations are having trouble reaching their viewers in the wake of the DTV transition.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Oct 19, 2006 0 comments
Lawsuits from the RIAA are not the only hazards for the intrepid file sharer. Simply downloading P2P software can pollute your PC with nuisance software. The most notorious example remains Kazaa, which paid more than $100 million to settle music-industry lawsuits, but is still listed as badware by That report is a few months old, but according to the McAfee SiteAdvisor, the Kazaa site still exposes PC users to what "some people consider adware, spyware, or other unwanted programs." In addition, it links to, "which our analysis found to be deceptive or fraudulent." SiteAdvisor gives similar warnings about BearShare. Limewire and Morpheus get a clean bill of health, but beware of other sites that offer free downloads of Limewire and Morpheus software—and that includes most of those listed as Google-sponsored links! By the way, the SiteAdvisor is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer or Firefox that festoons Google, Yahoo, or MSN search results with green- or red-light bugs to warn you of PC health hazards. Click on the bugs and they'll give you information like that quoted above. SiteAdvisor is totally goodware—it costs nothing to install and may keep you out of loads of trouble.