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Posted: Jul 07, 2006 0 comments

Part One Are Discs Obsolete?

Part Two The Artists' Perspective

Part Three Gluttons for Punishment: How the Music Industry Continues to Sabotage Its Own Future

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Al Griffin Posted: May 04, 2006 0 comments
When DVD appeared in early 1997, it didn't take much prodding for people to trash their collections of primitive VHS tapes and embrace the shiny new disc. The dramatic boost in picture and sound quality had a lot to do with it - when experienced on a widescreen TV along with 5.1-channel sound, watching a DVD was almost like sitting in a movie theater.
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Sara Brady Posted: May 19, 2009 0 comments

In theaters: May 21 Studio: Warner Director: McG Starring: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Bryce Dallas Howard

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Gary Dell'Abate Posted: Dec 06, 2007 0 comments

The guys at S&V asked me to put together my holiday wish list. So, in no particular order, here goes:

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Ken C. Pohlmann Posted: Mar 29, 2010 0 comments

You've probably seen them outside the supermarket. You know - those big red vending machines. But instead of a soda for $1.25, you get a movie. For $1. Swipe your credit/debit card, and the disc is all yours for the night. That's Redbox, and the machines are popping up everywhere, ready to supply the masses with low-commitment, impulse-rental DVDs. With 20,000 machines, each holding about 500 discs, Redbox is making tons of money. And some Hollywood studios are going ballistic.

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Eric Taub Posted: Sep 04, 2006 0 comments

In 1936, the BBC introduced its viewers to high-definition TV. (Well, that's what they called it, anyway.) The Beeb's new broadcast system produced a blurry, black-and-white 405-line image. Still, it was a lot better than the 30-line standard it replaced. Seventy years later, the name's the same; only the specs are different.

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Michael Antonoff Posted: Jul 14, 2003 0 comments

Photos by Tony Cordoza

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Rob Fraboni Posted: Jan 04, 2009 0 comments

One of the main things record producers strive for is to effectively communicate the emotional content of the music. It begins with trying to make a recording that's as universal as possible, one that sounds good on any playback format.

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SV Staff Posted: Jan 08, 2002 0 comments

Las Vegas cabbies, who have ready opinions on everything, had predicted that Consumer Electronics Show (CES) attendance would be noticeably down this ye

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Frank Doris Posted: Jul 07, 2004 0 comments

So you finally went out and bought a high-definition TV. Congratulations - you've joined a growing community of people who've switched to the new digital technology.

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Ian G. Masters Posted: Jul 08, 2007 0 comments

TV Half-Life

Q. I read somewhere in your magazine that cathode-ray tube TVs have a half-life of 30,000 hours. At 6 hours a day, that's around 13 years. I'm about to make the HDTV plunge. What are the half-life specs for plasma, LCD, and DLP? Jeff Dorscher Glendale, AZ

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Michael Antonoff Posted: Sep 04, 2005 0 comments

What time-shifting was to the VCR generation, place-shifting is becoming to the home-network-enabled. Extending personal entertainment to every room in your home is the mission of SkipJam, a company whose main product is the iMedia Center, a box you can attach to multiple A/V components including your cable or satellite receiver, home theater receiver, DVD player, and TV.

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Ken C. Pohlmann Posted: Nov 11, 2001 0 comments

When José, the Fed Ex guy, rings my doorbell, the transaction is well scripted. He gives me the box containing the Next Thing to Review, and I give him the box containing the Last Thing I Reviewed. One glance at the Next Thing box tells me which link in the audio/video chain I'll be scrutinizing for the next few weeks. Like I said, it's highly choreographed.

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Posted: Jan 14, 2006 0 comments
The Short Form
PIONEER $330 PLUS XM SUBSCRIPTION / 2.25 x 4.375 x 1.25 IN / 8 OZ WITH BATTERY / pioneerelectronics.com / 800-746-6337 TAO $29
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Michael Antonoff Posted: Jan 05, 2006 0 comments

SanDisk Sansa e-series flash-memory MP3 player


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