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Daniel Kumin Posted: Oct 12, 2010 0 comments

Like some 40 million other people, I love my iPhone. It’s always with me, serving as everything from trail-finder to stock ticker to guitar tuner to, occasionally, mobile phone. While fumbling in the dark with the minimum three or four remote controls that my ever-shifting A/V system requires just to watch a movie, I’ve often wondered if there was “an app for that.”

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Posted: May 01, 2006 0 comments

With all the glamorous gear associated with home theater (like big plasma TVs), it's hard to get worked up over a plain old power strip. Still, it's better to have one than not. My biggest frustration with typical strips is that they make it hard to plug in all of my gadgets. All it takes is two or three wall warts to render half of the strip useless.

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Ken Richardson Posted: May 04, 2006 0 comments

That's what a lot of people want to know when they buy a Sony DualDisc and notice that the DVD side offers Enhanced Stereo. As Clark Novak writes on QuadraphonicQuad.com, "What the hell does that mean anyway? 'Enhanced Stereo.' That's kind of like 'connoisseur's popcorn.' Means nothing. Grr."

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Mike Errico Posted: Mar 08, 2009 0 comments

Sure, you can make a ballad with a sexy sax solo the first thing people hear on your new record…but why? Here are 25 bands that know how to make a first impression-with thunderous guitar riffs, plane crashes and cathedral bells that signal sonic apocalypse.

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Posted: Jul 25, 2007 0 comments

Lately it seems as though every component in a fully tricked-out home theater system wants to dink with the video - the DVD player, the receiver, the TV. Usually whatever is being done is described as some sort of upconversion. What does that mean, though? And perhaps more important, is it always a good thing?

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Ken C. Pohlmann Posted: Jan 19, 2006 0 comments

First, the good news: when you turn on your analog TV at 11:59 p.m. on April 6, 2009, you'll get pictures and sound. And now the bad news: at midnight and forever after, your TV will never receive a signal again.

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Daniel Kumin Posted: May 05, 2003 0 comments
So you're shopping for a home theater speaker system and you've got between one and two grand to spend. Welcome to the jungle. This is one of the most densely populated and competitive price ranges in all of speakerland. The good news is that there's lots to choose from.
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Posted: Oct 06, 2008 0 comments

Last month, we began exploring "how to listen." Now it's time to audition your favorite CDs. Note what you like about each one. Is there a common thread among them in the genre of music or the style of production?

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John Sciacca Posted: Jan 10, 2007 0 comments

January 11, 2007 - Modern A/V systems are so complex, it's easy to miss a setting and end up with an experience that is less than ideal. Setting aspect ratio is a perfect example.

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Al Griffin Posted: May 11, 2004 0 comments

There are two ways to go about setting up a home theater. The first option is to rope off a room in your house, seal the windows, and then make any and all necessary modifications to turn it into a dedicated movie palace. The second, more common option is to take a space your family actually lives, works, and plays in and adapt it so that it can easily go from sitting to screening room.

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Posted: Apr 30, 2005 0 comments

Football season's over, but you'd never know it from the legions of gamers who've made EA's Madden NFL a year-round obsession. [A shorter version of this interview was printed in the May issue.]

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Al Griffin Posted: Jul 03, 2007 0 comments

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Michael Antonoff Posted: May 03, 2005 0 comments

Conventional TV broadcasting, whether over the air or by cable or satellite, sends out multiple channels all at once, and it's up to the viewer to tune in a particular one at a set time to watch or record a show. Akimbo is promising the next step: speedy interactive delivery of video directly from the Internet to a hard drive connected to your TV.

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Gary Dell'Abate Posted: Jan 05, 2008 0 comments

I wasn't sure why the guys at S&V asked me to have a listen to Acoustic Research's AWD510 wireless 5.1-channel headphones ($350; audiovox.com). They looked big and clunky compared with many of today's much smaller 'phones and earbuds.


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