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Photo by Tony Cordoza
Check it out: Getting HDTV on Cable
Rumors began circulating in the fall of 2001 among the more technologically advanced New York City customers of Time Warner Cable (TWC) that there was a secret HDTV waiting list hidden from the customer-service representatives, the people who u
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Revel IC15 $749 each Revel Speakers

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It's always a treat to find a band &Mdash; especially a young one - that's as passionate about sound quality as we are.

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Photos by Tony Cordoza Samsung's SIR-S4120R neatly combines two of the coolest products in today's pantheon of A/V wonders - digital satellite TV receivers and TiVo video hard-disk recorders (HDRs) - in one trim component that looks more or less like an ordinary DirecTV receiver.

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Whole-house entertainment means never having to handle physical media. With all your music, photos, and videos parked on a hard drive and accessible through your home network, you can enjoy them in any room where a media receiver is attached to a TV or stereo system.

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Four of Hollywood's home-video heavies - DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox, Artisan Entertainment, and Universal Studios - have thrown their weight behind a format for distributing films in high-definition, the JVC-developed D-Theater variant of D-VHS.

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Al Griffin Posted: Jan 05, 2005 0 comments

Along with a deluge of bigger, flatter HDTVs of various technological stripes, a hot TV news item at CES 2005 was the arrival of digital cable-ready TVs with slots for a CableCARD. This credit-card-size device was designed to eliminate set-top cable decoders - those ugly black boxes that have squatted, like parasites, on or below our TVs for the past two decades.

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Jamie Sorcher Posted: Nov 03, 2007 0 comments

Like many other A/V stores, California Soundworks (californiasoundworks.com, 661-945-0971) started out as a home stereo store selling gear to audiophiles. That was back in 1979.

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Call it the projection paradox. Projector owners are so devoted to their pursuit of a cinematic effect that they're willing to spend thousands of dollars more than the average TV buyer and endure lights-out viewing.

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Q. I've been using separates in my surround system for some time and have a collection of high-end amplifiers. But the surround processing modes, HDMI connectivity, and video upconversion on my preamp/processor are now out of date. New receivers seem to have the latest technology at a much more reasonable price than most of the pre/pros with similar attributes.

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•4-inch, 320 x 480-pixel color touchscreen •128 MB of memory (expandable with memory card) •Plays MP3 audio files •Displays JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD, and PSX image files •Plays AVI, WMV,
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What We Think
This multiroom music server offers excellent sound and an interface as gorgeous as it is easy to use.
A board game called Othello came up with the ingenious
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The first thing I noticed about the new Blackberry Bold ($300 with a 2-year AT&T contract and rebate; blackberry.com, att.com) when I took it out of the box was how good-looking it is.


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