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Posted: Sep 30, 2005 0 comments
We've added three products to The List for October. Printer specialist HP put a color scientist in charge of creating the company's first rear-projection TV, a 65-inch 1080p monster no less, and just about slam-dunked it. Escient gets a nod for making its highly evolved FireBall music-server technology available for half the cost of prior models.
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Posted: Apr 03, 2007 0 comments

Product Gallery

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John Sciacca Posted: May 31, 2006 0 comments

Ed. Note: This remote was also featured in our Ultimate Gift Guide

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Michael Antonoff Posted: Jan 06, 2003 0 comments
Sure, Hewlett-Packard's ambitious Media Center PC 883n ($1,999) could replace many of the A/V components in your home theater-including your DVD player, TiVo or ReplayTV hard-disk video recorder, and CD jukebox. But HP will be the first to admit that its chrome and black computer is not likely to become many families' main entertainment center.
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Posted: Jun 11, 2008 0 comments

Paul Shaffer has spent pretty much his whole career standing just off to one side of center stage. Everybody knows him from his 26 years as David Letterman's bandleader and sidekick.

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Frank Doris Posted: Sep 05, 2001 0 comments

More and more people are mak ing the switch from cable to satellite TV, and why not? A satellite system can deliver hundreds of TV and music channels digitally with amazingly clear picture and sound quality. And depending on your system and programming package, you can get Dolby Digital surround sound, HDTV movies, blazingly fast Internet access, and more.

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Posted: May 19, 2004 0 comments

Hardly a month goes by when we don't receive a reader letter or e-mail taking us to task for discussing the "2:3 pulldown" functions of DVD players instead of the more commonly found "3:2 pulldown." Let me immediately put the confused at ease by saying that both terms refer to the same thing.

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Ebet Roberts Posted: Jun 05, 2007 0 comments

SXSW always opens "officially" with a keynote talk by a big-name artist. In past years, speakers have included the likes of Little Richard, Ray Davies, and Lucinda Williams.

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Rich Warren Posted: Jan 06, 2005 0 comments

Audio gear - designed for high-fidelity reproduction of recorded music - once ruled the Consumer Electronics Show, but now audio is for the most part only a handmaiden to video. However, for those who place sound first, some impressive components begged a hearing.

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Michael Gaughn Posted: Nov 02, 2007 0 comments

Brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly are the legendary duo behind some of the most raucous, outrageous, original - and successful - comedies ever, including Dumb & Dumber, There's Something About Mary, and most recently, The Heartbreak Kid.

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Mike Mettler Posted: Mar 29, 2010 0 comments

To disregard the hi-fi end of what we do is wrong,” says Tom Petty of his decision to include a Blu-ray Disc with 62 live tracks mixed in 5.1 as part of the Deluxe Edition of his career-spanning boxed set with the Heartbreakers, The Live Anthology (Reprise). That edition, is impressive indeed. Besides the Blu-ray, it comprises five live CDs, two DVDs with two previously unreleased shows, one vinyl LP, a book, lithographs, and other goodies.

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Kevin James Posted: Jul 06, 2008 0 comments

You have to feel a little bit sorry for Blu-ray Disc. Despite winning the high-def format war, few are showing it much love. The month after Toshiba pulled the plug on HD DVD, Blu-ray sales plummeted by 40%.

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Posted: Dec 31, 2007 0 comments

HDTV Buying Guide Shopping for a new TV or projector?

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Rob Sabin Posted: Apr 03, 2006 0 comments


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