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What Is Your Favorite Blu-ray To Demo Video?

As far as I know, UAV's Ultimate Demos blog is unique among A/V resources. Author David Vaughn identifies specific scenes and shots—down to the time-code second—that offer exemplary video and/or audio content, scenes you can use to demonstrate your home theater's "wow factor" to friends and family.

David has featured nearly 60 titles in Ultimate Demos, and he will continue to add to the list. But there are many more movies available on Blu-ray than he can possibly cover, so I'm asking for your help in identifying more demo-worthy discs.

This week, I'd like to know which 2D Blu-ray you think has the best video qualities—detail, color, black, shadow detail, etc.—with which to demonstrate the capabilities of a display system. (Next week, I'll ask the same question about audio.) Simply select "Here it is" below and leave a comment with your favorite title(s) and which qualities of the video are particularly outstanding; you might even identify specific scenes to help the rest of us find the best moments.

Vote to see the results and leave a comment with your favorite title(s); thanks for your input!

What Is Your Favorite Blu-ray To Demo Video?
Here it is (leave your favorite title in a comment)
53% (187 votes)
I don't have a favorite
37% (128 votes)
I don't have a Blu-ray player
10% (35 votes)
Total votes: 350

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