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Pioneer’s latest headphone has an unusual twist. The “Hi-Res-capable” SE-MHR5 ($300) includes a four-pole balanced 2.5mm cable in addition to a standard 3.5mm cable. The cable is designed to provide greater signal separation when used with an amplifier that has a balanced output.
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Soundbar pioneer Zvox has announced that the super-slim SB400 and SB500 soundbars it previewed in January are now available at,,, and

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The 1994 independent film Walls of Sand became the first feature film to be streamed over the Internet 18 years ago this week.

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Q What new features are coming to AV receivers in 2016? I guess my question is more about what features might be missing from 2015 models, which already have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth aptX, Airplay, High-res FLAC and DSD support, 4K pass-through, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X processing. I am interested in the latest Marantz receivers, specifically the NR-1506 and SR-5010, but noticed that those models were announced back in June 2015. Should I wait for new 2016 models? —Jason York

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As iconic as it remains a full half-century later, when Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back was being shot by director D.A. Pennebaker during the Bard’s whirlwind acoustic tour of England in May 1965, there were literally no rules to follow. “It’s the idea of the home movie, the kind of movie that was always made by one person,” says Pennebaker, still as sharp as ever at age 90. “I had gotten the notion in my head not to make a pure music film. I decided to make it about him, right at the time he was trying to figure out who he was.”
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Legacy Audio Powerblock² Amplifier
“Incredible performance in a small package…at a fair price” is how Legacy Audio describes the Powerblock², the company’s first amplifier in more than a decade. Assembled in Legacy’s Springfield, Illinois factory, the amp is a dual-mono design boasting an ultra-wide 1.5-Hz to 70-kHz bandwidth and healthy power output of 2 x 325 watts into 8 ohms (or a rip-roaring 2 x 650 into 4 ohms). Ice Ice Baby: The low-profile Powerblock² is built around ICEpower Class D technology featuring self-oscillating closed-loop architecture and a robust power supply capable of supplying peak current of 30 amps per channel. High damping factor (1,000 <1 kHz) and dynamic range (117 dB) are cited as key characteristics along with low distortion (0.005% THD at rated output). Balanced XLR and unbalanced inputs are provided. Price: $1,600
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For most of its life, your audio gear probably just sits there, quietly doing its thing, providing (hopefully) years of quality entertainment. But all the while, a silent killer lurks in your house: dust. And unless your listening room is like some kind of Silicon Valley clean space or you have a hermetically sealed audio rack—in which case you’ve probably got some ventilation issues to address—your gear is under constant attack from dust particles that could shorten its life.
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The success of Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo speaker/personal assistant apparently has AV companies scrambling.
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Register to win a set of Serene Audio Talisman Powered Speakers (MSRP $395) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Made in Vancouver, Canada, Talisman speakers are hand crafted from bamboo, leather, and brass, and meticulously engineered. Verified by experienced engineers and customers, they enthrall you with the clearest and most transparent sound to come from your desktop. Talisman speakers are designed to sit on your desk, but they have plenty of power to fill the whole room. They are self-powered, meaning they can be paired with almost anything.

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PRICE $2,257 as reviewed

Uncanny ability to make any projection technology look exemplary
Greatly enhances contrast and black level, even with budget projectors
Easy assembly with superb fit and finish
Performance enhancement that would be banned if projection video were a sport
Slightly pearlescent sheen with some high-brightness, fully saturated, high-motion scenes
That it has appeared only recently

If you need evidence that a high-quality ambient-light-rejecting screen can give spectacular results with an entry-level projector, look no further than the SSE Ambient-Visionaire Black 1.2.

“Is this heaven?” John Kinsella unwittingly asks his son, Ray, in the 1989 movie Field of Dreams. “It’s Iowa,” Ray answers. Turning slowly to walk away, John halts, replying, “Iowa? I could have sworn this was heaven.”