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The traditional notion of the family gathering around the TV during “prime time” hours is quaint in the Age of the Internet. The same far-reaching Cisco study that predicts a tripling of Internet traffic over the next few years refers to an “Internet prime time” that occurs between 9 p.m. and midnight across all time zones.
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News from around the world of mobile/home entertainment: THX Live! debuts, YouTube offers subscription TV, researchers discover an easier way to do 8K video, and more.
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PRICE $1,099

Concise, clear sound
Five-year warranty
High-impedance design limits portable use

Beyerdynamic reboots and refines their flagship T1—and significantly improves its sound quality.

The Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation) over-the-ear headphone may look nearly identical to the original T1 that debuted in 2009, but trust me on this: The two headphones sound very different. The first thing I noticed is that the new T1 has meatier, bigger, punchier bass, and the treble is sweeter, clearer, and more refined. It’s much more than a reboot.

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Twenty-three years ago today marks the world premiere of Jurassic Park in our nation’s capital. The movie, which cost $63 million to make, shattered all box office records at the time and gave us a newfound appreciation for prehistoric creatures. Who can forget the terrifying footfalls of the approaching Tyrannosaurus rex, which would become home theater demo fodder for years to come.

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Q I have an Onkyo TX NR1009 AV receiver that I operate in a 7.2 configuration. All is well when I watch a movie with a 7.1 soundtrack since my couch is inline with the back surround speakers. However, when I watch movies or TV with 5.1 sound the rear speakers go silent and I need to shift my position to be inline with the side surround speakers. Is it possible to have the receiver route the 5.1 signal so the back surround speakers remain active and I don’t have to change my seating position? —George Yeoh

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In its latest global networking forecast, Cisco predicts Internet traffic will triple by 2020, which is really no surprise when you consider the Internet is still in its infancy.
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Hands on with Tap, the new portable version of Amazon's wildly popular Echo speaker/personal assistant.
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Could there be a better name for the first all-new Monkees studio album in 20 years than Good Times? Produced and mixed by Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne, Tinted Windows), Good Times! teems with vintage energy from all four Monkees — including the late Davy Jones. Good Times! is the perfect soundtrack to accompany the band’s 50th anniversary celebrations this year, which also include having the TV show appear for the first time on Blu-ray (The Monkees: The Complete Series) and a tour featuring Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork (and sometimes Michael Nesmith, schedule permitting). Recently, I sat down with Nesmith, 74, in New York to discuss his songwriting influences, his sonic goals for his Good Times! contributions, and The Monkees’ enduring legacy.
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You gotta love the ingenuity behind today’s technology. One of the more interesting examples hails from India where LG has launched a TV that emits ultrasonic sound waves intended to repel mosquitoes.
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Bose has introduced four wireless headphones: two featuring noise-cancellation, one with a noise control, and two designed for exercise workouts, one of which has a built-in heart-rate monitor.