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John Sciacca Posted: Jan 04, 2017 1 comments
The HDMI Forum is made up of 83 global member companies whose mission is to “support and develop future versions of HDMI spec, support the eco-system of interoperable HDMI-enabled devices, foster broader industry participation in the development of future versions of the HDMI specification,” and they announced the specifications of the upcoming version 2.1 today at CES.

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SV Staff Posted: Jan 04, 2017 0 comments
DTS and LG have teamed up to create a personal speaker that fits around your neck.
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Show Marks 50 Years of CES

CES, the show that has been the launch pad for new technology since 1967, opens tomorrow and runs through Sunday, January 8 but our coverage kicks off today, a day of press conferences. Watch for news from the HDMI Forum, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and others.

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On the eve of CES 2017, Smart sensor-maker, Roost, announced the availability of the company’s latest smart sensor that’s designed to alert homeowners to dangerous or destructive conditions occurring in their homes.
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jan 03, 2017 2 comments

Audio Performance
PRICE $2,200

Nine amp channels, 11.2 (7.2.4) pre-outs
Automated angle and height calibration
No Auro-3D

Yamaha’s new flagship receiver packs nine amp channels into a well-built package.

Buying an A/V receiver has always been a challenge, even to the well informed. Incoming technologies add still more complexity. Sometimes, however, they also generate new priorities and narrow your choices. Sure, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X require you to add more speakers and make your system more elaborate. But if you want to run those formats in their most effectively enveloping configurations, your shopping expedition for a receiver has suddenly become a lot simpler.

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Jan 03, 2017 0 comments
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that it will support Auro-3D in some disc and “digital” titles. Auro-3D is an unusual method of immersive surround encoding that one-ups Dolby Atmos and DTS:X by offering not one, but two, height layers above the floor speakers in a 13.1- or 11.1-channel native mix. Until now it has been scantily supported in software, with just a few dozen Blu-ray releases, but this might be a game changer for the plucky little Belgian company. Auro-3D has also firmed up its hardware support with new (and more mainstream) receivers and pre/pros from Denon, Marantz, and Lyngdorf that support the necessary surround processing. (Note that the Denon and Marantz products require an optional $199 update.) Height-enhanced surround sound may be about to become a three-way horse race.
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 03, 2017 1 comments
LG says the proprietary Nano Cell technology used in the third-generation 2017 Super UHD TVs it is unveiling on Thursday at CES 2017 will take LCD TV viewing to a “whole new level.”
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Al Griffin Posted: Jan 03, 2017 2 comments
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Q I’m using a Marantz SR5005 AV receiver rated at 100 watts per channel to power a 7.1 speaker system. My surrounds sound like they’re getting enough power, but I’d like to add three external 200-watt monoblock amps to increase output to the front left, center, and right channels. Here’s my question: Will the receiver’s Audyssey MultEQ automated setup calibrate the system in a way that accommodates the added power? In other words, will I still get full power from the front three channels if I use external amps and Audyssey MultEQ? —Todd Hunt / via email

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With less than two days to go before CES kicks off in Las Vegas, here’s a look at the latest pre-show news to hit our inboxes.
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 02, 2017 5 comments
Emotiva Audio has announced that it will introduce more than a dozen new models at CES 2017, including the first speakers in the BasX line, additions to the Airmotiv speaker series, a new line of lifestyle products called Emersa, and a new flagship AV processor.