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Once upon a time witches were acutely schizophrenic old hags who lived alone in the woods, fiddled around with poisoned apples and magic mirrors, and spooked lost little girls from Kansas. Wizards wore pointed hats, looked like a mouse, conjured up armies of brooms, and had major plumbing problems.

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Here's the good news: The DVD Forum has approved a new triple-layer HD DVD with capacity of 51 gigabytes. Now here's the bad news: It remains uncertain whether the new disc will play on existing HD DVD hardware.
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<IMG SRC="/images/archivesart/UAV_POTY_250.jpg" WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=281 HSPACE=6 VSPACE=4 BORDER=0 ALIGN=RIGHT>Drum roll, please! This is more than an award feature, and more than a list of components. We get to experience the best components in the most controlled settings, in our own reference systems. And yes, we love our job! These are the top components in each product category we've reviewed this year. We're exprienced and we're hard to please, and this is a tough list to crack. The components that made the cut here are truly the best of the best.

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Yes, from all accounts, they pulled it off last night. Exhibit A: Just look at those photos! Exhibit B: Ben Ratliff's review in The New York Times and David Fricke's review at Rolling Stone's Rock & Roll Daily. Exhibit C: The set list: ...
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Not all owners of analog television sets are planning to make the transition to digital broadcasting, according to a survey by the Consumer Electronics Association. Twenty-two of them plan to just let their TVs go dark and find something else to do.
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The standalone Blu-ray Disc player has hit a significant milestone- Samsung's BD-P1400 is now available at $299 or less at several major retailers, including Best Buy, Amazon, and Circuit City. This makes for some fascinating comparisons with the other lower priced next-gen HD players out there. Let's take a look what your $300 or less will buy you.

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Wii users, stop banging on your speakers. It's not your system or your ears. Your Pearl Jam solo is suffering from a glitch in the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3 that's putting out mono sound rather than a multi-channel version advertised as Dolby...
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<I>A theater in Birmingham, Michigan, straddles the line between professional digital cinema and home theater.</I>

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Personalize this.

I'm a bit reluctant to say this, but my experience with Boston Acoustics goes back a long way – to the days when the Boston Acoustics A40 and A70 speakers were the giants of the bookshelf speaker world. In fact, most of the Boston A-series speakers back then were highly regarded when it came to sound quality. Build quality was so-so but decent for late-1980s vinyl-wrap box cabinets. Just about any store that carried them sold tons of Boston Acoustics' bookshelf and floorstanding speakers, and they were proud to do it, too.


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