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"World's first" is not a title that comes easily, but it is one that has been given to Austin, Texas-based NetStreams more than once.

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At MacWorld Expo last month, Apple CEO Steve Jobs promised that an upgrade of the Apple TV software to allow online movie rentals would be available by the end of January. But, as with so many things tech, the release of that software will now be delayed by "a week or two" according to a company statement issued on January 31. The software will be made available as a free download to existing Apple TV customers when it's finally deemed ready.

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Ian G. Masters Posted: Feb 01, 2008 0 comments

Eye Definition

Q. I know 1080p is technically the highest HDTV resolution you can get today, but can the human eye tell the difference between a 720p- and a 1080p-format HDTV picture? Colin Denner Flushing, NY

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SED seems DOA. And as for Mitsubishi's new laser TV . . . hasn't the world pretty much moved beyond rear projection?

This means three HDTV display technologies seem primed to race for all the marbles: plasma, LCD, and OLED.

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Unless you're the Dalai Lama or head of an African nation, your chances of being in the same room with U2 anytime soon are pretty slim. Consider U2 3D the next best thing.

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Pioneer PRO-110FD Elite KURO Plasma HDTV

Color temperature (Movie Mode/Low Color Temperature/Color Space Mode 2 before calibration; Movie Mode/Manual Color Temperature/Color Space Mode 2 after calibration): 20-IRE: 6,831 K/6,450 K 30-IRE: 6,936 K/6,573 K 40-IRE: 6,864 K/6,515 K 50-IRE: 6,811 K/6,557 K 60-IRE: 6,791 K/6,557 K 70-IRE: 6,844 K/6,529 K 80-IRE:

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All the concern advertisers have expressed about reduced views due to time-shifted DVR recording may be overblown. No question that's true when it comes to the Super Bowl, where a good portion of viewers are as psyched to see the high-profile...
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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Feb 01, 2008 0 comments
In a possibly momentous move, Sharp acquired a significant stake in Pioneer late last year. Sharp's $358 million investment bought it 14 percent of Pioneer, making it the latter's biggest shareholder. Pioneer also acquired 0.9 percent of Sharp.
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