Sony VPL-VW1000ES 4K SXRD Projector Settings


Note that since our sample of the VPL-VW1000ES was produced prior to the start of full production, the settings here may be less useful than usual. All user controls in any video display operate in conjunction with underlying background settings (separate from the menus' default settings). These background settings are fixed at the factory, and may be different than in our sample when full production commences.

Even under normal production conditions, unit-to-unit sample variations, the viewing environment, and the source might render these recommendations less than optimum. They are provided only as a potentially useful starting place. We strongly recommend that you find the optimum basic video settings for your sample by using one of the many display setup DVDs that are available, such as Digital Video Essentials (DVD) or DVE HD Basics (Blu-ray). A full calibration, particularly of the gray scale and color gamut, is best left to a trained and properly equipped technician such as those certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) or THX. Any video projector deserves a professional calibration. In particular, avoiding a calibration on a projector in this price range is a false economy.

Experimenting with the user menus controls can do no damage and can easily be reset. No service-level menu was provided to us, and only the user menus were used for this review.

Calibrated Preset:Bright
Cinema: Film 1
Reality Creation:Off
Cinema Black Pro
   Advanced iris: Auto Full
   Lamp Control: High
   Film Projection: Off
   Motion Enhancer: Off
Contrast: 85
Brightness: 57
Color: 47
Hue: 50
Color Temp: Custom 3
Gain: Red -5-
Green 0
Blue -2
Bias: Red 2
Green -1
Blue 2
Sharpness: 25
Expert Setting
Smooth Gradation:Off
Film Mode: Auto 1
Color Space: BT.709
Black Level Adj.:Off
Gamma Correction: 2.6
Color CorrectionOff
Clear WhiteOff
HDMI Dynamic Range: Auto
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