Mordaunt-Short Updates Mezzo, Alumni

The Mordaunt-Short Mezzo line already included a tower, and the Mezzo 6 continues in the line, but now it has a big brother in the form of the Mezzo 8 ($2495/pair). The latter's a three-way with two 6.25-inch woofers, 5.25-inch mid, and one-inch aluminum tweeter mounted at the top of the enclosure. The excellent Alumni sat/sub line has another upsized model, shown -- the Alumni 8 ($1095/pair), a tall, slender speaker with four passive woofers, two active ones, and a tweeter. It complements the similar though not identical Alumni 3 center. Stand or wall mount, high gloss black or white with black grilles.

Philip's picture

Well I have a 5.1 Alumni system already. I was looking to expand to a 7.1. I was wondering if these would fit the bill for the front left and right channels? Are they worth the money instead of buying two more alumni 5.1 speakers?

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