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Hong Kong-based Sota Acoustics and specialty driver manufacturer Markaudio today announced the U.S. launch of Markaudio-Sota, a “joint cooperation” between the firms that designs and builds speakers for the audiophile market.
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Back in the days before Blu-ray, companies like ClearPlay and TV Guardian offered parents a way to filter their children’s DVD viewing to screen out material deemed offensive. Some may call it censorship; others, a necessary tool for parents.
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Denon has announced plans to add three budget models to its S-Series line of AV receivers in April.
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LG today announced that 2017 4K Ultra HDTVs based on its webOS 3.5 smart TV platform have been designated as “Netflix Recommended TVs” for the third consecutive year.
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Sony has announced rollout plans and pricing for two soundbars and an AV receiver previewed at CES 2017.
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Spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, bunnies are multiplying and so are Bluetooth speakers. Doesn’t it seem that there is a new Bluetooth speaker hitting the market almost daily? One of the latest is the Jam Xterior Max, and it’s ready for any and all of your spring-time endeavours.

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Toward the end of last year, Ultimate Ears updated their flagship monitor to include their proprietary True Tone drivers. The result, the UE 18+ Pro, is now available for anyone who wants to get the best of what Ultimate Ears has to offer in custom monitors. But is going custom worth it for an audio fan who isn’t a touring musician? I took a pair of the 18+ Pro for a spin to find out.
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With 20 days to go, Los Angeles-based startup Alienology Audio has raised $1,322 of its modest $2,500 goal to help fund the launch of its T3TRA speakers on Kickstarter.
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If The Band didn’t slow down and get off the road—and get off the road soon—they were going to wind up killing themselves, to a man. “It’s a goddamn impossible way of life,” says Band leader/guitarist/chief songwriter Robbie Robertson of being stuck on the wheel of a crushing, never-ending tour cycle. That urgent “stop the road, I want to get off” mentality was one of the main driving forces behind The Band masterminding a farewell concert for the ages at the Winterland Arena in San Francisco during Thanksgiving 1976, dubbed from the get-go-then-get-gone as The Last Waltz.
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Steve Guttenberg Posted: Mar 17, 2017 2 comments
Build Quality
PRICE $899

Sumptuous build quality
Best Bowers & Wilkins headphone yet
Comes with an Apple Lightning cable
Brown is the only color

With the P9 Signature, Bowers & Wilkins enters the higher echelons of the crowded audiophile headphone market with a real contender.

Unlike nearly every other speaker company that jumped into the headphone market with a complete line, Bowers & Wilkins has released just one (or two) headphones at a time. The P5 on-ear was first out of the gate in 2010; then the C5 in-ear and P3 on-ear; the Series 2 versions of those headphones followed; next came the over-the-ear P7; more recently the wireless P5 and P7; and now the all-new flagship P9 Signature. Thanks to the slow and steady approach, the sound for all of B&W’s headphones has been consistently chocolatey-rich. The P9 Signature is similar, but the sound is more evolved.