Bob Ankosko Posted: May 13, 2015 0 comments
Build Quality
PRICE $349

Blends into any décor
A cinch to setup
Clear, clean sound with vocal and acoustic music
Volume and bass are limited
Sound is confined

Clio is an unobtrusive, one-of-a-kind speaker that is capable of producing clear yet confined sound with limited volume and bass potential.

They call Clio the first invisible speaker. And even though it’s not really invisible, when you put this unique specimen on a kitchen counter, end table, or fireplace mantel, it’s pretty darn hard to spot with its low-profile base and acrylic glass “windshield” that disappears into the room.

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Ken C. Pohlmann Posted: May 12, 2015 0 comments
Start saving up now. In about 20 years, you'll have to buy another complete home theater. Except this one won't be at home. It will be in your car. Put in perspective, the Compact Disc is about 30 years old so 20 years isn't so far off. Like I say - start saving now.

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Al Griffin Posted: May 12, 2015 0 comments
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Q I’m planning a significant overhaul of my home theater and am leaning toward using the configuration suggested for Auro-3D: 10.1, with four corner speakers and one overhead voice-of-god speaker. In replacing my current AV receiver with separates, I am concerned about buying amplifiers that I can keep over the next several advances in surround sound tech/features. Here’s my question: When using height speakers, is it important that they be amplified at the same power as those near ear-level?—Quest Fanning / Brooklyn, NY

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SV Staff Posted: May 12, 2015 10 comments
When it comes to home theater sound, are you a tower speaker kind of guy/gal or do you prefer compact speakers that offload deep bass to a subwoofer? Or maybe you’re all about maintaining a stealth appearance with speakers concealed in the walls and/or ceiling.

Take a moment to tell us which of the scenarios below best describes your setup. And don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us how/why you chose it.

What Type of Home Theater Speakers Do You Have?
Subwoofer/satellite setup with five (or more) freestanding compact speakers and a subwoofer(s)
30% (488 votes)
Tower-based setup with full-range passive speakers in the front L/R positions plus a standalone subwoofer(s)
46% (741 votes)
Tower-based setup with full-range passive speakers in the front L/R positions and no standalone subwoofer
6% (99 votes)
Tower-based setup with full-range power towers (with built-in powered sub) in the front L/R positions plus a dedicated sub(s)
7% (116 votes)
Tower-based setup with full-range “power towers” (with built-in powered subs) in the front L/R positions and no dedicated sub
6% (90 votes)
In-wall/ceiling speakers plus a freestanding subwoofer
3% (54 votes)
In-wall/ceiling speakers, including an in-wall/ceiling subwoofer
1% (14 votes)
Total votes: 1602
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Lauren Dragan Posted: May 08, 2015 0 comments
Wren recently expanded its successful V5 wireless sound system line with the addition of the V5US, which is the first of the Wren line to be compatible with multiple wireless platforms: AirPlay, Play-Fi, and Bluetooth. According to Wren, the V5US is the only Apple certified multi-platform speaker. The V5US functions as a stand-alone bookshelf speaker, or can be connected to up to eight other speakers in a multi-room and multi-zone system. I got to check out the V5US recently, and put it through its paces.
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Fred Kaplan Posted: May 08, 2015 0 comments
Preston Sturges, whose rise and fall were as sudden and steep as any in cinema (except for that of Orson Welles), had his peak years from 1940–44, writing and directing seven of the greatest American film comedies ever, and The Palm Beach Story sprung forth in precisely the middle of the run. A head-spinning romp through the joys and foibles of love, marriage, money, and class, it practically defines “screwball comedy,” with its Alpine plot twists, nonstop mayhem, rapid-fire dialogue, razor-sharp wit, and madcap but extremely good-natured characters.
Mike Mettler Posted: May 08, 2015 0 comments
Ahhh, reggae. What is also known as Jamaican dance music has become nothing less than an international phenomenon, thanks in no small part to the pioneering sounds of Bob Marley, who would have been 70 this year. (Marley died of cancer at the relatively young age of 36 in 1981.) Calling Marley the king of reggae is a bit like saying 4K Ultra HD looks fantastic—it’s a fairly obvious statement, but no less profound. The seminal ’60s and ’70s work of Bob Marley & The Wailers literally defined a music genre that continues to engage people the world over—in fact, it may be the most universal music there is.
Rob Sabin Posted: May 08, 2015 1 comments
Ready for a nice, new set of gleaming tower speakers? Here’s our Top 10 list of models costing between $1,400 and $3,000 a pair, complete with rationales for why each model made the cut.
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Michael Antonoff Posted: May 07, 2015 0 comments
I recently hung the new $14.97 60-watt Cree Connected LED Bulb on the wall above my easy chair so that whenever an idea entered my brain, I’d be able to tap my iPad and make a light bulb go on above my head. (For those unaware, the Cree is a Zigbee- and Wink-compliant light; mate it with a compatible smarthome hub, and you can control it from your phone or tablet.)

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Al Griffin Posted: May 07, 2015 0 comments
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Q I just purchased a Samsung 4K UHDTV and am now ready to spring for a new AV receiver. It’s May 2015. Are there any HDCP 2.2-compatible AV receivers available yet? —Pat Balice


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