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Nine Inch Nails: Hesitation Marks

New release (Columbia; tour dates)
Photo of Trent Reznor by Baldur Bragson

Trent Reznor already came back haunted in March with the release of Welcome oblivion by How to destroy angels. That side project with Atticus Ross and (Reznor’s wife) Mariqueen Maandig took post-industrial/ambient music and made it sound fresh. By contrast, Hesitation Marks, Reznor’s first album in five years under the Nine Inch Nails moniker, seems beset by run-of-the-mill electronica. Ross and another veteran collaborator, Alan Moulder, return as co-producers with Reznor, but together they’re often just busy little techno-bees buzzing around Reznor’s generally average material.

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At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Edifier Group launched a trio of stylish budget products, two of which won CES Innovations Design & Engineering Awards.

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Another major aftershock has hit Japan - which, again, hits home the fact that the country needs our help.

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Need more than the boxes and Christmas discs we gave you? Clip this list and get nutcrackin'!


Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run: 30th Anniversary Edition (Columbia, 1 CD, 2 DVDs), with new remastering plus 1975 gig and more.

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The Bally, Liverpool, September 19, 1962. Baby, you can drive . . . well, maybe not. (Photo © Apple Corps. Ltd. 2009)

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Recommending a recent gig by Franz Ferdinand, The Village Voice said the Scots "generate an in-person intensity that you just can't download." Or get from a CD. Sure, you can go digital or disc to sample these acts, but Austin's 20th South by Southwest proved once more that the show makes the band.

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DIRE STRAITS. The guitar-driven, chart-topping Brothers in Arms became the first big blockbuster of the digital era, signifying that the CD format had crossed over to the mainstream. And now, the 20th Anniversary Edition on DualDisc (Warner Bros.; Music •••••, DualDisc Mix •••••, Extras ½) enhances the album's stat-us as a sonic benchmark.

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New release (Interscope)

Has a hip-hop-related record ever opened as optimistically as this?

Good morning, welcome to the thing called life
Good morning, don’t you let it pass you by
We laugh, we cry, and then we dry our eyes
We fall, we rise, ready for another try
When life gets tough, remember, we were never born to die
When times get rough, remember, we were born to be alive


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