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Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Feb 02, 2007 Published: May 02, 2006 0 comments
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Fox bungled the short run of Firefly by showing the episodes out of sequence—and in the worst possible time slot it could find. What a surprise—they canceled it. On the strength of word of mouth, the DVD set of the series sold so well that a movie was green-lit. Would the movie be as good as the TV show? Would it work on the big screen? Would anyone see it? Well, yes, yes, and no.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Feb 02, 2007 Published: May 02, 2006 0 comments
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I was so unimpressed with the first two Harry Potter movies that I didn’t bother to see the third or this one in theaters. Boy, did I miss out. This and Prisoner of Azkaban are excellent. In this episode of the Harry Potter serials, Hogwarts is playing host to the Triwizard Tournament. Somehow, Harry’s name gets entered, even though he’s too young. From the little touches of the teenagers’ growing pains to the significant plot developments in the Potter canon, you shouldn’t miss this one. Oh, and there’s a bunch of action, too.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Feb 02, 2007 Published: May 02, 2006 0 comments
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I have a pretty low opinion of remakes of classic TV shows. But I loved The Dukes of Hazzard when I was a kid, and the cast and crew on this one seemed like they could reproduce the stupid fun of the TV show. Well, I think they did a great job. That’s right—I think this movie is fun and funny. To anyone expecting more, I have to ask, “Did you ever see the TV show?” It stars Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott, who have made careers of having fun in bad movies, and Jessica Simpson, who allegedly has a career doing something. The plot revolves around the Duke boys needing to save Uncle Jesse’s farm (duh). An oddly cast Burt Reynolds is pretty good as Boss Hogg, and a simply odd Willie Nelson is surprisingly funny.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Apr 28, 2006 3 comments
While the flood last week wasn’t nearly as bad as the one in October, we decided to do what we should have done that time: The carpets in our testing lab were ripped out, and the floor painted a lovely shade of gray. So the lab looks a whole lot better, and there isn’t the worry about mold and such. The downside, all the computers, test equipment, phone lines, Ethernet lines, and the myriad of other cables that connected gear to gear and gear to stuff, all still need to be run and plugged back in. The bottom picture is our temporary storage (as in, the listening room). Despite the mess, that was only half the amount of stuff in the lab. Spring cleaning indeed.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Apr 26, 2006 4 comments
Contributor Gary Merson got his hands on an HD DVD player, so here’s your first scoop:
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Apr 24, 2006 2 comments
If you remember this post you’ll recall the flood our studio suffered 6 months ago. Well, it happened again. So forgive me if I don’t post for a while. In the mean time, please go Vote and post some pictures in the Galleries. Do check back later in the week though, as I’ll be posting a first look at Toshiba’s HD DVD player.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Apr 18, 2006 Published: Apr 19, 2006 0 comments
Excelling at being cheap.

One of the several local electronics stores within throwing distance from our studio is a chain called Fry's Electronics. It is a nerd's heaven, a kind of Best Buy, CompUSA, and a local computer repair shop all thrown in a Cuisinart. Every week, the much-heralded Fry's ad announces what loss leaders they will have on sale that week. This could be a $99 computer, a $20 hard drive, a $1,000 plasma, or really anything that they have only two of that they can sell quick and use to sucker people into coming to the store. Their regular sales can be pretty good, too. For example, this home-theater-in-a-box, complete with a subwoofer and a progressive-scan DVD player, was only $60. They also had an interlace-only model for $47, but I mean come on, this is a home-theater-in-a-box we're talking about here. Lets not be cheap.

Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Apr 17, 2006 4 comments
We are proud to announce the second new feature this month: Reader Galleries. Here you can post pictures of your theater, comment on other peoples, and more. Thanks to the people who posted over the weekend so we had a few theaters up there already. Go check it out!.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Apr 14, 2006 4 comments
The results of our first vote are in, go check it out. While you’re there, vote on the next question of the week. Also, check back on Monday, we’ve got new site feature to unveil, and it’s really cool.
Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Apr 11, 2006 0 comments
See double. (No booze required.)

Every once in a while, a new technology pops up that is so cool and so different that it has to create its own market. Sharp's sexy-sounding two-way viewing-angle LCD technology is just such a thing. It allows for diverse and unique uses that were previously not possible—or at least difficult.


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