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Ken Richardson Posted: Sep 27, 2011 0 comments

To say "The Blu Album" is not to suggest that Steven Wilson's Grace for Drowning (Kscope) is as wildly diverse as the Beatles' "White Album" - even if Wilson rightly calls his own double-disc set "more experimental and more eclectic" than his previous solo outing, 2009's Insurgentes, with jazz and classical influen

Brett Milano Posted: Sep 02, 2007 0 comments

Richard C. Walls Posted: Apr 03, 2006 0 comments
Cat Power The Greatest Matador
Music ••• Sound ••••
Third Man/Warner Bros.
Music ••• Sound ••••

To Jack White, everything is a concept.

Parke Puterbaugh Posted: Apr 04, 2007 0 comments
We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank Epic
Music •••½ Sound •••
Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock is the sort of person who isn&#
Brett Milano Posted: Oct 03, 2007 0 comments

Mike Mettler Posted: Jun 09, 2006 0 comments
How We Operate ATO
Music •••• Sound ••••
This freewheeling British fivesome loves to follow its own ramshackle muse.
Billy Altman Posted: Feb 26, 2009 0 comments
Blue Corn
Music •••• Sound ••••
She's been recording for a decade, but Texas singer/songwriter Ruthie Foster was a fairly well-kept secret on the folk/
Brett Milano Posted: Jun 03, 2007 0 comments

Mike Mettler Posted: Sep 18, 2012 0 comments

It’s nice to feel that the music can be improved, and in the case of Aqualung [which saw a 40th anniversary box-set reissue in 2011 with new stereo and 5.1 mixes by Steven Wilson], that wasn’t difficult because it wasn’t a very good recording.

Ken Richardson Posted: Nov 12, 2007 0 comments

Rob O'Connor Posted: Jul 05, 2006 0 comments
Goodbye Alice in Wonderland Atlantic
Music •• Sound ••••
Jewel's attempt to recast herself as a dance-pop diva with 2003
Jeff Perlah Posted: Jun 22, 2009 0 comments
Music •••• Sound ••••
"Push down & turn." That's what you'll see etched onto the CD when you crack open
Parke Puterbaugh Posted: Oct 01, 2005 0 comments
Ta Det Lugnt Kemado
Music •••½ Sound ••
Ta Det Lugnt sounds like one of those early 1970s albums by bands b


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