Enraged Man Shoots TV

Of all the possible reactions to the DTV transition, the most extreme occurred a few weeks ago, when a man shot his TV set.

The DTV transition has necessarily left a trail of broken hearts in its wake as tech-unsavvy viewers have begun adjust to the ongoing end of analog broadcasting, which began in February and will conclude in June. One of the most unhappy was a man in Joplin, Missouri. He lost his cable service, and he couldn't get his new digital-to-analog converter to work. So he hauled out a gun and put a bullet in his TV.

Police arrested the man, charging him with unlawful use of a firearm. His wife told police he had been drinking.

However, the TV pictured is not the Missouri victim. This is a TV shot by Elvis Presley. The offending set had shown an image of Robert Goulet, against whom Elvis was nursing a grudge. Picture courtesy of David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary.

Please don't try this at home.

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