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Chesky Records recently introduced the Binaural+ Series of recordings said to capture music as if you were sitting in front of the band.
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WeatherNation made its debut on the Dish Network. However, Dish is also renewing the beloved Weather Channel and streaming it via Sling TV...
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Q Is it true that bigger TV screens -- ones in the 65-inch and above range -- have more noticeable pixelation? --Rufino Mendoza

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Italy’s Sonus Faber is expanding its three-year-old Venere line of speakers with a new flagship tower model, the Venere S, slated to arrive in here in October.
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Comcast has started beta testing the new Stream online TV service to its Internet customers. But is it enough to entice a new generation of TV viewers?
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Microsoft Will Use DRM on UHD streaming with PlayReady 3.0. This might embolden studios to stream UHD through Windows 10...
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2D Performance
3D Performance
PRICE $6,499

First-rate blacks and shadow detail
Superb resolution—in both 4K and 1080p Full HD
Impressive sense of image depth—even in 2D
Best 3D seen anywhere
Image degrades significantly off center
Annoying remote control
Glitchy voice- and gesture-control features

This is the first consumer Ultra HDTV out of the gate offering more than just four times the resolution of 1080p HD. While it will require more UHD program material to fully judge its ability to provide 10-bit color, a wider color gamut, and higher dynamic range than today’s content, this Samsung is still a strong candidate for the best LCD set launched to date.

Ultra HD remains very much a work in progress. Source material is still scarce, and while some is available through various forms of downloading and streaming, the promised delivery of Ultra HD on Blu-ray (the route most likely to offer the best UHD quality) is still months away. Furthermore, the UHD sets that have appeared to date offer little more than enhanced resolution—resolution that isn’t really significant unless you see it on the biggest screen you can afford and sit closer than some folks prefer. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a UHD set isn’t desirable...

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Emotiva Audio announced that its new Airmotiv 3b Bluetooth speaker is now available on and authorized dealers for $199 a pair.
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Netflix streaming is projected to double and then some in the next three years, increasing from 8.6 billion hours in the first quarter of 2015 to between 14.3 billion and 21.8 billion hours by 2019, according to a report by MediaPost. This would catapult the popular streaming service from its current 6 percent share of “linear TV viewing” in the U.S. to between 12 and 22 percent based on estimates by MoffettNathanson Research.
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To celebrate the bond between technology and music, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has launched a competition to find original music that will be featured in the opening video for the keynote address at CES 2016. In addition to getting recognition, the winner will receive $5,000.


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