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The last piece to Pioneer’s 2016 AV puzzle is the 5.1-channel VSX-531 AV receiver, which is now available for $250.
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Silicon Valley-based Ignition Design Labs has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new Wi-Fi router designed to “thrive” in congested environments with multiple bandwidth-hungry activities going on simultaneously.
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A look at how personal video broadcasting, virtual reality, and other budding technologies haven’t been lost on TV comedy writers.
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"The problem is that the current standard audio specifications for headphones and loudspeakers are almost useless in terms of indicating how good or bad they sound." —Sean Olive

Harman International, the multibillion company that supplies infotainment technology to automakers around the world and owns such storied audio brands as JBL, Infinity, Revel, Mark Levinson, and Lexicon, to name a few, dates back to 1953 when Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon founded one of audio’s most iconic brands, Harman Kardon. The pioneering brand, which introduced the world’s first hi-fi (and later stereo) receiver, started with a commitment to pursue high-quality sound. That commitment endures through the work of Sean Olive, a 23-year Harman veteran...

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Definitive Technology today announced a redesigned fourth-generation version of the front/rear-radiating BP10 bipolar tower speaker it introduced 25 years ago.
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Referring to the sound of the 12-cylinder engines in Ferrari cars, conductor Herbert von Karajan said it was, "a melody that no conductor would ever be able to reproduce." Considering that the maestro was not modest when speaking of his abilities, that is quite a compliment. He was right, of course; some engines, tuned with the right exhaust, yield a glorious sound. With further tuning, apparently they can also yield glorious music.

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Build Quality
PRICE $749 pr

Easy, comfortable sound
Bluetooth with aptX, AAC
Simple to set up and use
Superb finish
No USB or Wi-Fi
A bit too large for desktop use

The easy-to-live-with HD6 looks great and can deliver high-quality, true stereo sound with a minimum of fuss and clutter.

In the decade since they launched their first powered speaker, Audioengine has become embedded in my mind as the no-brainer recommendation whenever friends ask about getting better sound on their desktop. Dozens of both audiophile and non-audiophile friends have bought A5 and A2 amplified speakers at my suggestion—and so far, nobody has been disappointed. They’re affordable, easy to buy, and easy to set up, and they look great.

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely; lack of power is just freakin’ annoying. The new Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 is a wireless, sweatproof earbud that solves the lack of power problem in a unique and clever way. The carrying case has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides the power for up to two recharges, giving the Backbeat GO 3 an extra 13 hours of playback. That’s the kind of power a girl could get used to.

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NAD Electronics has announced plans to expand its Masters Series product line. The M32 digital integrated amplifier ($3,499) will join the line in June, followed by the M50.2 digital music player ($3,999) in August.
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Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the U.S., affecting more than 36 million Americans today, according to the American Academy of Audiology.