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Steve Guttenberg Posted: Dec 22, 2015 1 comments

Build Quality
PRICE $400

New lossless wireless audio technology
Two-year warranty
Lightweight design
Wireless ’phones can’t play loud

The Sennheiser RS 185 raises the bar on audiophile-grade wireless headphone sound quality.

I’ve auditioned a number of wireless Sennheiser models over the years and was always satisfied with the sound. Sennheiser claims their latest ’phones are better than ever, and the RS 185 is the best sounding of the twelve wireless models the company currently offers. No other brand has as broad a range of wireless headphones, starting with the $99 Sennheiser RS 120.

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Thomas J. Norton Posted: Dec 22, 2015 1 comments
‘Tis the Season—for last minute, desperation shopping. But what could be easier than one or a few Blu-ray discs for that stocking by the fireplace. So here are a few recommendations...
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SV Staff Posted: Dec 22, 2015 0 comments
Marantz has announced that free DTS:X firmware updates for the SR7010 and SR6010 AV receivers and AV8802(A) and AV7702mkII surround processors will be available early next year.
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SV Staff Posted: Dec 22, 2015 0 comments
LG has announced that its 2016 smart TV lineup will have an updated webOS 3.0 Smart TV platform designed to make it "simple and fast" to find and switch between content from broadcast TV, streaming services, and external devices.
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Ken C. Pohlmann Posted: Dec 22, 2015 4 comments
A couple of days ago, I was sitting in my home theater listening to some music—a recording of Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, actually—and it hit me: The symphony orchestra is the greatest analog audio playback machine ever invented.

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SV Staff Posted: Dec 21, 2015 6 comments
If you saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens over the weekend, your hard-earned dollars contributed to an estimated domestic take of $238 million in its first there days, shattering the $208.8 million opening weekend record of set by Jurassic World in June. Add in foreign box office receipts—except China, where it has yet to open—and you’re at a half billion ($517 million), according to Box Office Mojo, which on a global basis is actually slightly less than Jurrasic’s opening.
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Leslie Shapiro Posted: Dec 21, 2015 0 comments
Gone are the days of old, when all it took to prepare for Christmas morning was a warm batch of cinnamon rolls, hot coffee, and a spare pack of batteries. Even though more and more technology exists today to keep us connected, how easy is it to set up all these new gadgets come Christmas morning? Although the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, are you sure you’re really ready for Christmas?

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Lauren Dragan Geoffrey Morrison Posted: Dec 20, 2015 10 comments
One of the fun parts of this job is that we get to check out all sorts of weird and wonderful gear. Most of the time, things that seem crazy, are crazy. But every so often, something crazy is actually crazy good. These are the things that fit into that latter category.

So here are the top gifts we’d love to give this holiday season… if we only knew someone who we could give them to.

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Rob Sabin Posted: Dec 18, 2015 1 comments
We just posted our annual Top Picks of the Year, representing our reviewing experience in the 2015 calendar year. Along with selecting the best or most intriguing products from among those that received our TP designation, we also select a Top Pick of the Year—the single product that most impressed us or best represented the evolution of our hobby.
SV Staff Posted: Dec 18, 2015 Published: Dec 17, 2015 1 comments
2015 was very much a transitional year for both audio and video technology. On the display side, Ultra HDTV continued its march into the marketplace, and we saw the first high dynamic range displays. A/V receivers caught up to the UHD displays with full passthrough of HDMI 2.0 signals bolstered, finally, by HDCP 2.2 copyright compliance—a key feature missing from most 2014 AVRs. We got our first real listen to object-based Atmos surround at home in both the nine-channel variety with four height speakers (a winner!) and the seven-channel variety with two height speakers (not quite so much). Beyond that, we saw more growth in the wireless multiroom audio segment, with several accomplished speaker manufacturers getting in the game. Here, then, is our list of standout products reviewed in the 2015 calendar year. Make sure you check current pricing online; we list MSRPs as originally reviewed, and some products are now heavily discounted.


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