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The world of the battle-bred Orcs is dying. They must find a new domain to inhabit, which requires brutal conquest. Their chief sorcerer, Gul’dan, has devised a way to open a mystic portal into the human world of Azeroth and… oh, who cares? We’ve seen all this before. Warcraft follows the paint-by-numbers formula for wizards, warriors, and witchcraft, taken from the sacred scrolls of the Dungeons & Dragons playbook; shamelessly lifting countless elements from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings sagas, and vainly trying to replicate the dramatic scope and gravitas of Game of Thrones. And all while trying to carve its own niche in the genre.
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SV Staff Posted: Feb 10, 2017 2 comments
Vancouver, Canada-based Portmanteau Stereo Co. has successfully crowdfunded its Rockit Log line of portable speakers, exceeding its $50,000 Kickstarter goal with 11 days to go.
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Sony has announced that its first 4K/Ultra HD Blu-ray player will hit stores in March with a $300 price tag.
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PRICE $600

50 context-sensitive programmable buttons on remote
IR, serial, and IP-based control
Amazon Alexa voice-control integration
Controller generates a lot of heat
Low-resolution screen on remote

Control4’s EA-1 bundle sets a new standard for affordability and opportunity when it comes to professionally installed A/V control and home automation.

One of the great inventions of the 20th century, the humble Lego brick, doesn’t inspire much admiration on its own. Take more than 32 million of them and throw in a little imagination, though, and you can create awe-inspiring 1:20scale replicas of famous American landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Capitol Building, and (of course) the Las Vegas Strip. Then set them up together. Call it Miniland USA. Build a theme park around it. Suddenly you’ve got Legoland California. If I were called upon to write a review of a single Lego, there’d be no bricking way I could come up with the concept of Legoland on my own if it didn’t already exist.

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Mark Fleischmann Posted: Feb 09, 2017 0 comments
No, your TV antenna can’t pick up DTS:X just yet. But the height-enhanced surround codec did get a leg up when PBS used it in a test transmission with HDR-enriched Ultra HD video.
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Al Griffin Posted: Feb 09, 2017 1 comments
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Q I love the idea of converting vinyl (especially my Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab LPs) to a hi-res digital audio format and Sony’s PS-HX500 USB Turntable seems like just the ticket.  However, I already own a high-end turntable and don’t want to buy a second one. Are there any devices I can connect to my turntable to make hi-res transfers of my record collection? Thanks —Rob Lowe

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Vizio today announced the availability of a firmware update that adds HDR10 high dynamic range (HDR) decoding capability to a half dozen of its E-Series SmartCast Ultra HD displays.
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Why leave home to attend a live concert when you can strap on a headset and replicate the experience of being there—complete with 360° sound?
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We revisit Plex to see how its new DVR and voice-control features work.
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Inca won’t win any awards for the pedestrian name it has bestowed upon its latest TV concealment system, but the “Vertical Step Back & Rise” mechanism (900806-VSR) is sure to elicit oohs and aahs from unsuspecting bystanders.