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Barry Willis Posted: May 10, 2004 0 comments

Pixar Animation Studios is flying high.

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Ultimate AV Staff Posted: May 10, 2004 0 comments

From the March/April issue, Steven Stone sits himself in the middle of the <A HREF="/speakersystems/304genesis">Genesis 6.1 surround speaker system</A> and files his report. SS was curious what he would hear; this 5.1 system "represents the company's first dedicated multichannel music and home theater product."

Steven Stone Posted: May 09, 2004 0 comments

The history of high-end audio and video is littered with companies who made fine products but failed. Kloss Audio/Video, California Audio Labs, and Dunlavy Audio are but a few of the illustrious firms that did not survive. Genesis almost joined these ranks. Founded in 1991 by Arnie Nudell, Paul McGowan, and Mark Shifter, Genesis quickly made its mark with outstanding speakers and digital electronics. Yet in December 2001, Genesis closed its doors.

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Thomas J. Norton Posted: May 09, 2004 0 comments

<I>Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper. Directed by Gary Ross. Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (anamorphic). Dolby Digital 5.1. 141 minutes. 2003. Universal Studios Home Video 23287. PG-13. $26.98.</I>

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My first experience with front projection was nine years ago in a swanky A/V boutique in San Francisco - the kind of place where "I'm just looking" really means, "I can't afford anything in here." This store carried brands I'd never heard of at stratospheric prices I'd never thought possible.

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HT Staff Posted: May 07, 2004 0 comments
Denon's new multimedia server-and-client system lets you enjoy all of your entertainment media throughout your house. The NS-S100 server sends your DVDs, CDs, and MP3s to the NS-C200 multimedia client; a hard-wired Ethernet or wireless connection links the two. The Mediabolic M1 Entertainment Operating Platform lets you digitally link separate electronics components that are in different locations. This all-in-one package includes a DVR, an audio recorder, a multizone distributor, two hard-disk drives, and a ReplayTV electronic program guide. The NS-S100 retails for $4,000, while each NS-C200 costs $1,000.
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More Marilyn . . . Well, sort of. It's been over 50 years since this quartet of modestly sophisticated comedy/dramas hit the silver screen to entertain post-WWII America. In those early years of the soon-to-be-booming 1950s, audiences might have had inklings that a certain young, blonde starlet might have a big decade ahead of her. More likely, ticket buyers were eager to see Claudette Colbert (Let's Make It Legal), Ginger Rogers and Fred Allen (We're Not Married), Monty Woolley and Thelma Ritter (As Young as You Feel), or June Haver and William Lundigan (Love Nest). You'd have no way of knowing that, however, from 20th Century Fox's packaging of these cinematic time capsules that capture an intriguing era of Hollywood movie-making that's forever gone. Marilyn Monroe's second-tier presence in this foursome of flicks is clearly the marketing angle that 20th Century Fox feels will mint new cash from old celluloid.
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<I>In this exclusive, on-line supplement, home theater designer Keith Yates explains in detail the measurement techniques he used for his three-part review of subwoofers that began in the June 2004 issue of </I> Stereophile Ultimate AV.

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Michael Antonoff Posted: May 06, 2004 0 comments

When digital still cameras were new and no match for conventional film photography, a typical TV had little trouble doubling as a "slide" projector. But analog TVs can't do justice to images produced by today's multimegapixel cameras.

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A well-worn adage says that all things come to he who waits. Yamaha's RX-Z9 receiver is so chock-full of features, it must have been waiting a long time.