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Back in the bad old days of early digital sound, most CD players produced horrendous amounts of jitter—mistiming of the bits in the digital bitstream. Some high-end audio companies came up with devices for reducing jitter that were often referred to as "jitter boxes." Audio Alchemy was among the most well-known of these specialty makers. AA ceased operations long ago, but one of their principal designers, Doug Goldberg, has created a similar device for Camelot Technology called the Dragon 5.1 Plus. It promises to do for DVD players what the Audio Alchemy box did for CD players: make them sound a lot better.

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<I>Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Epic Series</I>

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New technologies for time-shifting TV have been multiplying in recent years, making the VCR seem as old-fashioned as the Victrola. Most people know about TiVo and ReplayTV - hard-disk video recorders that seek out and store programs based on your viewing habits. But now there's also PC software like Snapstream's BeyondTV 3 that lets you capture shows on your computer hard drive.
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Jerry Goldsmith, the film composer who created the accompanying music to everything from radio shows to memorable films such as <I>Patton</I>, <I>Planet of the Apes</I>, <I>In Like Flint</I>, <I>Chinatown</I>, and <I>The Omen</I> (for which he won the Academy Award), died July 21 after an extended battle with cancer.

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Renaissance Man Danny Elfman Gets Medieval on Microsoft's Fable Videogames: The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Red Dead Revolver Hi

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Artison is a new speaker company with more going for it than just a clever name. It also boasts an impeccable pedigree (creator Cary Christie was a founder of industry pillar Infinity), some classy, smart industrial design, and a well-considered answer to the puzzle of how to mate plasma TVs with serious home theater speakers.

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Back in hi-fi's golden age, there used to be hot debates over "East Coast" vs. "West Coast" sound - no doubt a tame forerunner of the hip-hop wars of the '90s. East Coast speakers were thought to be smooth and mellow, with "concert-hall" sound best suited to classical music and jazz.

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Fable is every gamer's fantasy come true: a role-playing experience where actions have lasting consequences.

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Thomas J. Norton reviews the inexpensive <A HREF="/videoprojectors/604benq">BenQ PE8700 DLP video projector</A>, explaining why it "has to qualify as the surprise product of early 2004."

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ClearPix in the clear? On July 21, the US House of Representatives Judiciary Subcommittee voted 18-9 in favor of the "Family Movie Act." Passage by the full House, Senate, and President would free manufacturers of DVD filtering technology (such as ClearPlay, Inc.) from legal consequences as a result of violating movie industry copyrights. ClearPlay and other companies offering "clean up" technology for feature films have been criticized by members of the Directors Guild of America for violating the sanctity of cinematic art.