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In his review of the <A HREF="">Sony Grand Wega KF-60DX100 rear-projection TV</A>, Tom Norton points out that "while the plasma and DLP technologies have been generating much of the latest buzz, the less glamorous LCD remains a serious contender." TJN reveals just how serious in his report.

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Barry Willis Posted: Sep 29, 2002 0 comments

Do self-appointed censors have the right to delete objectionable portions of feature films and offer altered versions for sale? <A HREF="">CleanFlicks of Colorado, LLC</A> and a dozen similar companies believe that they do.

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<I>Kurt Russell, Jack Warden, Gerrit Graham, Joe Flaherty, Deborah Fuchs, Frank McRae. Directed by Robert Zemeckis. Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 (anamorphic). Dolby Digital 2.0 (English, French, Portuguese). 113 minutes. 1980. Columbia TriStar 05851. R. $19.95.</I>

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Hollywood studios are going to have to defend their jealously protected distribution systems in an antitrust suit filed in US District Court in Los Angeles.

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Accurate Imaging Technologies has launched a complete lineup of new products as part of their Digital Pathway Series. The new products were debuted at the CEDIA EXPO 2002 in Minneapolis September 27-29.
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Michael Fremer Posted: Sep 26, 2002 0 comments

A company with B&W's resources, experience, and technical know-how can pretty much build what it wants. What B&W chose to do in the CM Series is blend good looks, high build quality, and typically rich "British sound" into an affordable package&mdash;something easier said than done.

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Pioneer and Panasonic are veterans in the world of plasma displays. I reviewed the first Pioneer high-definition plasma, the PDP-501MX, more than three years ago, in the June 1999 <I>Guide</I>. Plasma displays have made tremendous strides in the years since&mdash;picture quality and features have improved, and prices have dropped.

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HT Staff Posted: Sep 23, 2002 0 comments
Consumers typically have just two objections to surround sound: the proliferation of loudspeakers and their cost. Torrance, CA-based Nirotek America appears to have solved both problems with the ingenious Niro Two 6.1 System, available in October.
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Saying that Tony Visconti produced some of David Bowie's most innovative albums is the same as saying he produced some of the most innovative albums in rock. It's hard to listen to dance music, alternative rock, electronica, or ambient music without hearing the influence of the Visconti-helmed Bowie/Brian Eno trilogy Low, Heroes, and Lodger.

Leslie Shapiro Posted: Sep 22, 2002 0 comments

Here's an odd collaboration: Alison Krauss & Union Station, a group that's embraced bluegrass, one of the oldest forms of American music, and Super Audio CD, one of the newest and most advanced music formats.


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