Want to Buy an Experience?

SIM2 and Entertainment Experience are joining forces to unveil a new combination product that promises to give home theater aficionados the experience they’ve been craving. The All-in-One Digital Entertainment Media System combines SIM2’s Grand Cinema C3X 1080 (pictured) or HT5000E 3-chip DLP projector with an Entertainment Experience Media Center.

Along with the reputation of SIM2’s Grand Cinema C3X 1080 projector, the Media Center provides media management for a variety of sources, including Blu-ray, DVD, and HD Video. The Media Center incorporates an Audio/Video Signal (AVS) Processor that has 10-bit processing, adaptive de-interlacing for SD and HD sources, and adaptive noise reduction as well. If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, SIM2 and Entertainment Experience will add digital movies from HDGIANTS to the system, so you’ll be able to start the experience right when you get this system home. Pricing for the All-in-One Digital Entertainment Media System has not been announced yet.

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