Velodyne Digital Drive Plus Subwoofers

Looking like a scene from CSI, Velodyne's booth is emphasizing the goal to "kill the competition" with its new Digital Drive Plus subwoofers, which come with drivers measuring 10 ($3000), 12 ($3500), 15 ($5000), and 18 inches ($6000). These models feature 4.5 to 7dB more output depending on model, new rohacell driver material, redesigned cabinet, and much easier setup with 8-band EQ. Retained from the previous Digital Drive models is the same high-gain servo technology that reduces distortion to a mere 0.5% at 20Hz.

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Velodyne's use of this material sparked my curiosity and I pulled B&W's 800 Series booklet I obtained from a B&W representative three years ago. The book indicates that "Rohacell is a sophisticated composite construction having a hard foam core sandwiched between carbon fibre skins". The book suggests that the material is normally used in construction of aircraft and exotic cars. In my brief research, I found that Rohacell is a registered trademark of R

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Love Velodyne's booth!

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Scott, can we make the inference that Velodyne reached across the pond to our friends at Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) in England to obtain the Rohacell material? Correct me if I am wrong but B&W first used this material in the Nautilus 801, 802, 803, etc. for the speakers' low frequency drivers. My understanding is that this material has a very low mass but is exceptionally stiff resulting in a more optimal, pistonic movement with less distortion.

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The rep I spoke with didn't say anything about sourcing it from B&W, so I don't know. He did say that Rohacel is very low mass with high stiffness, so you're right on that point. I don't know that B&W was the first company to use this material; could be, I just don't know.
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The Digital Drive PLUS Series subwoofers from Velodyne Acoustics, the world's leading manufacturer of powered subwoofers, sets new standards in low frequency bass technology with fully automated set-up and integration, huge output, real-time bass performance feedback and elegant cabinetry. Thanks for sharing.
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