Stewart Daily Dual 3D/2D Screen System

Several of the 3D projectors at CEDIA use passive-polarized glasses, which means they require a special silver screen to preserve the polarization of the light from the projector. However, such screens are not ideal for 2D images—their high gain results in hot spots and other issues that degrade the quality of 2D content. Stewart Filmscreen has come up with an ingenious solution—the Daily Dual, which consists of a fixed silver screen and a retractable white screen that covers the silver screen when displaying 2D material. It ain't cheap—a 132x74-inch system will set you back $15,000—but if you prefer polarized 3D projection as I am starting to, it's clearly the best way to go.

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Seth G.'s picture

Are these screens offered in a micro perf for speaker placement behind the screen and how would having two screens with micro perf impact sound would you ultimately end up with severe comb filtering or could the perforation be done in such a fashion as to be complementary when both screens were in use? Though this brings up the need for a different EQ for each to get optimal results.
This is one several reason why as time goes on I find I like the Infitec 3D for home.
Though as far as actual performance I don't have enough experience with either the Infitec or polarized 3D to really make a judgement as to which is better. Though I have had enough exposure to know that I prefer passive 3d to the active systems.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Actually, the silver screen material cannot be microperfed; it's a metalized material that does not hold up well to such small perforations. So the answer is that this system cannot be used with speakers behind the screen. (BTW, big commercial silver screens can be perforated because the cinema-perf holes are larger and farther apart.)

I tend to prefer the Infitec system over polarized because it doesn't require a special screen, and it looks quite good as far as I've seen. But the only projector using it at the show was the SIM2 for $80,000, and I've seen no indication that it will become more common in home systems.

Jarod's picture

Very ingenious 3D and 2D screen solution from Stewart Filmscreen. Expensive but ingenious. I wondered when a screen like this would be available and here it is. I visited one commercial theater that had a silver screen installed that was permanent and for 2D they have a drop down standard screen. Another theater close by installed a silver screen in which they play both 2D and 3D material on. After watching a 2D movie on the silver screen, lets just say we only go to that theater for 3D movies now.

Seth G.'s picture

Well thats a bit disappointing to hear
Especially given the mass behind the polarized system versus infitec systems
I feel with 3D you really do need a large screen, and at a point ,if you have the space, placing the speakers behind the screen becomes more important as screen size increases... which with these you won't be able to do.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Seth, I see your point, but in most home theaters, the screen isn't going to be so large that putting the speakers behind it is necessary. Also, I try to avoid perf screens whenever possible because of the effect they have on the sound, so this isn't a drawback for me as it is for you.

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