A TAD Spectacular

TAD showed off its new Reference One speaker (about $60,000/pair) with a variety of music, from 2-channel to SACD to open reel tape to multichannel. A planned demonstration of high resolution multichannel sound, without video, on Blu-ray disc didn't come off when mastering problems interferred, but the multichanel material, from Reference Recordings, was played from a standard DVD (in PCM) and sounded terrific. The big tape deck visible in the photo is an old Technics RS 1500. A company called The Tape Project (www.thetapeproject.com) plans to issue a number of pre-recorded analog tapes in 15ips, half-track, two-channel. They will also sell refurbished Technics decks (estimated price about $8500).
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ummm, someone that guy to stop, ugh, writing his name on the amp.

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Why would anyone pay that much for a Technics deck (refurbed or even new)when much better quality Revox, Otari and Tascam decks are available on Ebay for a few hundred dollars? If you live in any decent size city, there are electronics repair centers that can do a complete overhaul if needed. Even if you spent $500 for the overhaul, you'd have a better deck. I do applaud the Tape Company for issuing reel tapes. I wonder, however, what size market there will be for 1/2 track stereo. Most audiophiles with decks will have quarter track format prosumer decks, not half track mastering machines.

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The correct URL for The Tape Project is www.tapeproject.com.

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I should also mention that at our site, www.tapeproject.com, and the forum hosted there, you will find much more discussion about the pros and cons of the various machines that are available for playback of these tapes.

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that is really Spectacular ultrasonic sensor , is it ?

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