Sunfire's Amazing In-Wall SubRosa And Ribbon Speakers

For the most part there are two kinds of people in this consumer electronic world: those that want a flat panel TV and those that already have one. We've seen a growing number of loudspeakers designed to live in this flat panel society, Sunfire's got the first narrow profile on-wall or in-wall powered subwofer I've seen, the SubRosa.

The SubRosa is actually thinner than many plasmas at a depth of just 3.5." There are two active 10" drive units with inverted surrounds and the power is rated at a dainty 2,700-watts from an outboard amplifier. It also includes StillBass technology to eliminate vibrations so that when these woofers start woofing they don't tear your walls apart. The in-wall SubRosa is $3K and the glossy black finished on-wall will be $3,500. Available in March.

Pictured to the right of the SubRosa are two new XT-Series speakers. The larger model is the Cinema Ribbon CRS-3 from the Cinema Ribbon Trio series. At $1K each the CRS-3 uses three 4.5" woffers with a 6" ribbon tweeter that's said to be descended from the line that produced the ribbbon used in Carver's Amazing Loudspeaker back in the day. A matching CRS-3C center will cost $1,250 and will use matching drivers.

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Nelson Garcia's picture

If anyone knows what the model of speakers stand featured in the picture for the CRS-3 speaker, could you email me at garcianc2003 -at- yahoo -dot- com? Thank you in advance and thank you for putting the speakers on the same picture, it is very useful when you don't have a Sunfire dealer nearby. I somehow thought the CRS-3 would be roughly 50% bigger than the CRM-2, but it looks almost 3 times the size. Definitely cannot use the Omnimount SAT2 stand for the CRS-3s...

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