The S+V Interview: Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Soundtrack Revealed Page 3

Goldfinger: "Superman"

Patrick: That was mandated by the fans, we know that was the best song from the first soundtrack. After the VGAs, every fan was talking about that song. I think it was either IGN or Kotaku who put out a list of things they wanted in the game and they said all they wanted to do was play the "Warehouse" level to that song. Ken and I had been fighting to get movement on the soundtrack and we've been working on it since last October. We hadn't gotten anything signed up to that point. But once the fans started reacting to the trailer, that one song got the ball rolling on all our old songs for us.

Powerman 5000: "When Worlds Collide"

Patrick: When we were choosing the songs, "When Worlds Collide" is one of the songs where when I hear it, I think of Tony Hawk. I know it's a nu-metal song, and it was weird for us to say, "Do we really want to put a nu-metal song in the game?" But when you play the game to it, it's perfect. It's one of our best songs in there.

Ken: I remember when I was younger playing the game, I was playing career mode and was having a hard time getting the objectives. I was just doing it over and over. And then that song would come on and it was like, "Alright, I'm doing this. It's on."

Lagwagon: "May 16"

Patrick: That was kind of one of those ones where you look at the band and you look at the song and think, "I don't really remember what that is." And then when you listen to it on YouTube or in the game it's like, "Ohhhhh, that song's so good." It has that cool guitar riff at the beginning and you say, "Alright this is going to be a good run." That intro riff is just so good. It's one of those songs that, I don't think I've ever heard on the radio but when I hear it in game it takes me right back to the couch playing old school Tony Hawk. It would have been weird to not have that song in the game.

Millencolin: "No Cigar"


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