Sony STR-DA5200ES AV Receiver Review System

Review system

Toshiba XA2 HD DVD player.
DirecTv HR20-700 high-definition dual tuner DVR
Bravo D2 DVD player (upconverting)
Pioneer DV-45A DVD player (universal)
VPI Aries, JMW 10" tonearm, Shure M97xe MM cartridge

Display devices: Fujitsu P50XHA30WS 50" Plasma, Fujitsu P50XHA40WS 50" plasma, JVC DLA-HD1 DiLA 1080p projector

Martin Logan Prodigy, Martin Logan ReQuest, Martin Logan Theateri, Velodyne FSR-18

Cabling and Switches
Interconnects: Audioquest Jaguar
Speaker: Audioquest Montblanc
Optical Digital: Audioquest Opti-Link 3 optical cable
Coaxial Digital: Audioquest VDM-5 coaxial, Straightwire Silverlink II
Video cable: Audioquest YIQ-3 component,
iLink: Integra Research

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