Sony NX810 3D LED Edgelit LCD TV

Among Sony's new offerings at CEDIA is the super-slim NX810, a 3D-capable, LED-edgelit LCD TV that will be available in 46-, 55-, and 60-inch screen sizes. No pricing was available at the press conference.

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Jarod's picture

Wow! The photographer did a great job taking the picture of this set. The resolution looks incredible!

Scott Wilkinson's picture
I take all photos for my blogs at trade shows, and I take great joy in the process, so thanks for noticing!
nelsonj3's picture

This TV is amazing for well lit rooms. I have a window next to my TV and the sun will often come through and shine directly on the TV. I can't tell. The picture isn't washed out at all. Colors are still crisp and edges sharp. When the TV is off and the sun is on it the screen is darker than the bezel! If there is dust on the screen it will make it hard to see, but that is hardly the TV's fault.

The blacks are only slightly noticeable in a dark room, and then mostly when the DVD screen saver is playing. Same as any LCD panel.

I love this TV!

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