SIM2 C3X Lumis 3D DLP Projection System

Like Runco, SIM2 is taking a dual-projection approach to 3D. In this case, however, two C3X Lumis 3-chip DLP projectors are stacked in a frame for $80,000. And instead of using polarization or active-shutter glasses, SIM2 decided to go with Infitec color filters, the same technology used in Dolby 3D, which means it does not require a special screen. The projection filters can be moved in and out of the light path much like an anamorphic lens on a sled to accommodate 3D and 2D, for which the system can shine 2500 and 6000 lumens, respectively.

The demo was shown on a Screen Research XLR 2.35:1 screen (1.0 gain, 129 inches wide), and the two clips we saw were 3D broadcast footage of the Black Eyed Peas and the "Be Italian" production number from Nine (in 2D). Both looked excellent, even the confetti in the foreground of the concert video. And the Infitec glasses were large with light-blocking sides—very nice!

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Seth G.'s picture

I'm happy to see SIM2 employ a system that uses a regular screen!
For some time I would expect the majority of films to be viewed at home to still be 2D.
I feel SIM2 is acknowledging that while also giving support to a fully credible 3D system as well. So if the content has it - its available to you.
I wish Runco had followed the same path.

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