Samsung 3D LCD Smart TVs

Samsung began its press conference with an interesting statistic—in 2010, over one million 3D TVs were sold, more than the number of HDTVs, DVD players, and Blu-ray players in their respective first years. So much for those who say that 3D TV is a flash in the pan…

Like LG, Samsung is using the moniker "Smart TV" for its networkable models, which will comprise two-thirds of the 2011 lineup. (I guess such a term cannot be copyrighted.) And 3D capabilities will be found in 60 percent of this years offerings, with lots of overlap. Pictured here (L to R) are the D8000 and D7000 LED-edgelit LCD TVs, which feature ultra-narrow bezels only 0.2-inch thick; both are Smart TVs with 3D capabilities. There are now over 300 Samsung apps, which have seen over 1.5 million downloads, thanks in part to contributions from third-party developers.

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uavSnowmanick's picture

Interesting stats on 3D TV's vs BD, DVD and HDTV, but how misleading is it? If I wanted to buy a new TV today, odds are that it would be a 3D set, not because I am interested in 3D at all (I'm not) but because many of the better Plasma and LCD sets offered are 3D capable. When I purchased my first DVD player, and my first BD player and my first HDTV it was due to wanting those technologies and only being able to get them in an a la carte fashion. I'd be more interested in seeing how many sets of 3D glasses or 3D BD's were sold as that would probably be more indicative of the demand for the new tech. Just saying a million people bought TV's that had 3D capability is rather useless in my opinion.

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