Paradigm Redux

In addition to their larger Signature V.2 speakers, Paradigm also showed a bookshelf 2-way, the Model S1 at $1600/pair, and this cute UTE center channel, the Model C1, at $900 each. It's not much wider than a big laptop. I'm intrigued by the possibility of using three C1s across the front, if the speaker's horizontal off-axis response is up to the job. The physical layout, with the vertical orientation of the midrange and tweeter (the smallest center channel design I've seen using this arrangement) is a good first step in that direction. As in the other new Signature speakers, these both sport the new Paradigm pure-beryllium tweeter.
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Very nice speakers. Thanks for the post.

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very nice

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I just love reading these "scoops" in hindsight. The 40D has proven to be one hell of a product. Unless you're hung up on the fact it is not full frame, this camera is almost a perfect value. More rugged than the XTi, not as expensive as the 5D, and a nice step up from the 30D.

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Thank you admin . sXe

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