Runco Reflection CL-710 DLP Projector Specifications


Reflection CL-710 DLP projector
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Native resolution: 1280x720
Digital Micromirror Device (DMD): Texas Instruments HD2 (Mustang) chip
Scanning frequencies: 80kHz horizontal, 50–100Hz vertical
Throw distances: 1.40:1–1.60:1 for standard CL-710, 1.85:1–2.40:1 for CL-710 LT
Projected lamp life: 1000 hours @ 6500K
Inputs: 1 each: composite, S-video, RGB/HV (also usable as component, with BNC connectors), component (RCA), DVI/HDCP, RS-232
Dimensions: 161/18" x 51/2" x 141/2" (WxHxD, without feet)
Weight: 22 lbs
Prices: $9995, CL-710; $10,995 CL-710 LT

Runco International
2900 Faber Street
Union City, CA 94587
tel. (510) 324-7777
fax (510) 324-9300

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