Review: Cadence CSX-12 Mark II Subwoofer Page 2


You can set up the CSX-12 the same way as most other subs — as long as you ignore its unusual features and controls. On the back are a level control, a 40-120 Hz crossover frequency control, a 0-180° phase control and a crossover bypass switch, plus one RCA input.

First among the unusual stuff is a pair of RJ11 jacks (like the ones on the landline phone your grandma uses). These allow easy daisy-chaining of two CSX-12s. Plug a standard phone cable between the two subs, set one to slave and the other to master, and both subs will use the crossover and controls of the master. This doesn’t allow you to fine-tune each subwoofer separately, but it does make adjustments much quicker if you’re content to run your subs in parallel.

The other unusual control is the Bass Boost knob. The manual says it can “boost or cut up to 12 dB of bass at 50 Hz.” However, it’s labeled 0 at one end and +12 on the other, and the specs say the range is 0 to +12 dB. Which is correct? Only measurements can tell for certain. (Don’t worry, they’re a-comin’.)

The CSX-12 Mark II comes with some nice steel cone spikes that screw into the bottom — way better than the cheezy plastic feet fitted to most inexpensive subs.

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