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Name your five favorite CDs. God, that's so hard. I'll give you five now and probably five different ones tomorrow. Every day it's different, but here goes.

  1. Steely Dan: Aja. That's the first CD I ever heard that sounded like they were right there in my room.
  2. Bruce Springsteen: Tunnel of Love. Not the best Bruce CD ever, but it's underappreciated - and it sounds great.
  3. Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory. There's not one bad song on that CD.
  4. System of a Down: Toxicity. I didn't think I liked this kind of music - and it turns out I don't. I just like them! It's loud and fast with actual hooks!
  5. The Allman Brothers Band: At Fillmore East. I wish I was old enough to have seen this version of the band. One of those concerts where everything was not perfect, but just right.

Okay, now give me your favorite DVDs. Let's see. I'm going to have to combine some of these.

  1. Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. I've been using these as surround-sound demo discs, and they're awesome. The subwoofer shakes the house. My younger son said that it felt like we were actually in the war. My dad fought in WWII in Okinawa, so it really hit home. They happen to be great movies, too.
  2. The Wire and Deadwood. I watched almost every episode of both these shows exclusively on DVD. They're better than any other shows on TV. I am obsessed with The Wire! [So am I - Ed.]
  3. The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection. The episodes still hold up. I love watching these with my kids. They were scared in the middle of the day. My favorite episode is "To Serve Man," the one with the cookbook. My second favorite is "Eye of the Beholder," where she had to have her face redone, or else they'll send her away. You don't see anybody else's face at first. When they take off the bandages and she's beautiful, you see that everybody else has pig faces.
  4. Saturday Night Live: 25 Years of Music. Elvis Costello, Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh, John Belushi and Joe Cocker ... Classic shit! With great sound!
  5. The Chronicles of Narnia. I went to see it with the kids. I'm the only one who liked it, and I think that's because I love the way it looks. The colors are so vivid and the designs are so amazing. It's what The Wizard of Oz would look like it if were made today.

I'm also looking forward to checking out Children of Men, because it was up for cinematography awards. Also, Pan's Labyrinth - I'm almost glad I haven't seen it yet because I want to see it here at home first.

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