Podcast 34: Bob Farinelli

Bob Farinelli, president and CTO of Elan Home Systems, discusses what people need to think about when considering a whole-house A/V system; distributing audio via line level, speaker level, and S/PDIF digital; long HDMI runs; wired vs. WiFi IP distribution; wall-mounted keypads vs handheld remotes; eliminating audio delay in "party mode"; and answers to chat-room questions.

Run Time: 45:20

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uavtheo's picture

Scott, another great podcast. I listen every week with anticipation. You've had many of the guests I would have recommended. I'd love to see Theo Kalomirakis http://www.tktheaters.com/ on the program and see what goes into making a home theater design. While something of Theo's expertise (and we just share the name and the Greek background, I'm not him LOL) is way beyond my price range, I'd love to hear this from a DIY perspective.

There are some additional areas that I'd be interested in hearing about on the program:

Many of us have non-HDMI preamps or setups. I'd love to hear how we can get the most of HD audio and video with these setups. I'm very savvy with this stuff so I'd appreciate any tweaks or tips that can help me maximize things. My current solution is using the analog outs of my BR player going into my older Anthem AVM 20 and using the AVM20's Analog DSP processing to give me the ability to fine tune my setup. I'm also using an Oppo HDMI switcher for this to go to my HDTV.

Also, I'd like to hear about practical solutions and gadgets. I've been experimenting with HDMI adapters via Cat6. It's working pretty well but I have some sparklies. So I'd be potentially interested in a program offering some real-world, practical solutions to what we face in the home. I'm using a monoprice adapter which is just two Cat6. I didn't want to have power to each end because of the setup and wanted power to be sent via the Cat6.

Finally, I'm going to a new home setup and need to consider a combo of front free standing speakers and then looking to put in-ceiling for the surrounds and rears. I'd love to hear about tips and tricks on this. I know some manufacturers make 15 degree angled versions and what is best practice for using in-ceiling with free-standing speakers?

Keep up the great work!

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Thanks for your kind words! I have thought of getting Theo on the show for some time, and your comment inspires me to do it sooner than later. Your other suggestions are also excellent, and I will see about covering them in future shows.

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